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DatumUhrzeit OrtSerie Vortrag vonTitel
2008-12-1913:45 HF 136RS Manfred Liebmann Algebraic Multigrid Methods on Graphics Processing Units
2008-12-1913:00 HF 136RS Gundolf Haase A parallelization approach for Solving Elliptic PDEs
2008-12-1213:00 HF 136RS Sven Beuchler Direct Field Problems: Sparse high-order shape functions for $H$(curl) and $H$(div)
2008-12-1017:15 HS 13JKSD Günther Schwarz Einsatz von Moodle im Mathematikunterricht
2008-12-0915:30 MZ 005ARS Nikolaj Popov Towards Automation of Algorithm Validation
2008-12-0317:15 HS 10JKSA Jonathan David Farley How to build and how to avoid a perfect terrorist cell
2008-12-0210:15 HF 136RS Boris N. Khoromskij Lectures on Tensor Approximation Methods for Integral-Differential Equations in $R^d$
2008-11-2617:15 HS 13JKSD Emmerich Boxhofer Forschende Aufgabenstellungen im Mathematikunterricht der Sekundarstufe 1
2008-11-2615:30 HF 9901JKSB Christian Krattenthaler Advanced Determinant Calculus
2008-11-2613:00 HF 9901RS Ivan Georgiev Preconditioning of rotated bilinear non-conforming FEM systems
2008-11-1917:15 HS 13JKSB Susanne Saminger-Platz Aggregation Functions - Constructions, Characterizations, and Functional Inequalities
2008-11-1217:15 HS 13JKSD Hans Humenberger Mathematische und praktische Aktivitäten rund um die Leonardo-Brücke
2008-11-1115:30 MZ 005ARS Johannes Kraus Multilevel preconditioning in H(div) and applications to a posteriori error estimates for discontinuous Galerkin approximations
2008-11-0415:30 MZ 005ARS Ludmil Zikatanov Subspace Correction Methods for discontinuous Galerkin approximations
2008-10-3109:00 HF 136GS Jens Lang On Global Error Estimation and Control for Reaction-Diffusion Equations
2008-10-2917:15 HS 13JKSD Hans Gerhard Eder Mathematikunterricht mit CAS an der HTL
2008-10-1713:00 HF 136O Ronald H.W. Hoppe Convergence Analysis of Adaptive Non-Standard Finite Element Methods
2008-10-1517:15 HS 13JKSD Franz Schoberleitner Wozu man Mathematik braucht...
2008-10-1415:30 MZ 005ARS Huidong Yang Newton iterative method on Steklov-Poincare operators for fluid-structure interaction problem
2008-10-1413:00 SR 2 VoestO Astrid Pechstein New mixed finite elements for elasticity
2008-10-1315:00 HF 136O Manuel Kauers Habilitationskolloquium "Symbolic Summation and Algorithmic Approaches to Positivity"
2008-10-0913:00 HF 136O Sven Beuchler Habilitationskolloqium "High order FEM-fast solvers for tensor product elements"
2008-10-0117:15 HS 9JKSD Stefan Götz Realitätsbezogene Aufgaben - ein Schlüssel zur Nachhaltigkeit im Mathematikunterricht?
2008-07-2210:00 HF 136GS Hua Xiang LU Factorization with Communication Avoiding Pivoting Strategy
2008-07-2109:00 HF 136GS Subhendu Hazra Numerical Methods for Flow Simulation and Simula- tion-based Optimization in Applications
2008-07-1716:00 T 911O Olaf Steinbach SFB-Mini-Workshop on Computational Electromagnetics - Boundary Element Methods for Dirichlet Control Problems
2008-07-1715:00 T 911O Clemens Pechstein SFB-Mini-Workshop on Computational Electromagnetics - A rigorous analysis of a FETI method for high-contrast coefficients not resolved by the subdomain partitioning
2008-07-1714:00 T 911O Dylan Copeland SFB-Mini-Workshop on Computational Electromagnetics - Domain decomposition solvers for nonlinear multiharmonic problems
2008-07-1713:00 T 911O Markus Windisch SFB-Mini-Workshop on Computational Electromagnetics - Interface Conditions for Tearing and Intercon- necting problems for non-elliptic operators
2008-07-1617:00 HS 9JKSB Martin J. Gander Schwarz Methods in the course of time
2008-07-1613:00 HF 136GS Salgado Abner A fractional step method for incompressible flows with variable density, based on a pres- sure Poisson equation
2008-06-1715:30 T 1010RS Huidong Yang An algebraic multigrid (AMG) solver for a finite element (FEM) discretization of the Stokes/Navier-Stokes system on hybrid meshes and its parallelization
2008-06-0315:30 T 1010RS Vadim Korneev Simple and efficient a posteriori error estimators
2008-06-0315:30 T 1010O Erwin Karer On the strength of nodal dependence in AMG for problems in linear elasticity
2008-05-2915:30 HS 11RS René Simon A Multigrid Solver for Saddle Point Problems in PDE-Constrained Optimization
2008-05-2817:15 HS 9JKSB Olof B. Widlund Coarse Space Components of Domain Decomposition Algorithms
2008-05-2715:30 T 1010RS Olof B. Widlund Accomodating Irregular Subdomains in Domain Decomposition Theory
2008-05-1417:15 HS 9JKSA Otmar Scherzer Mathematical Methods in Imaging
2008-05-0717:15 HS 9JKSB Frank Bauer Stabilization and Denoising - Practical Examples and Theory -
2008-04-1017:15 HS 9JKSA Ingrid Daubechies The Application as Architect for the Mathematical Framework
2008-04-0115:30 T 1010RS Philipp Laaber Numerical Simulation of a Three-dimensional Bingham Fluid Flow
2008-03-1115:30 T 1010RS Stefan Reitzinger Algebraische Mehrgitter Verfahren für die Numerische Simulation der Maxwell Gleichungen
2008-03-0516:15 HF 136RS Chokri Chniti A matching of singularities in domain decomposition methods for reaction diffusion problems
2008-03-0513:00 HF 136RS Sven Beuchler High order FEM-shape functions and solvers
2008-01-2215:30 HF 136RS Satyendra K. Tomar A posteriori error estimates for nonconforming approximation of elliptic problems based on Helmholtz type decomposition of the error