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04-40SDalibor Lukáš Progress Report on Topology and Shape Optimization in Magnetostatics2004-12-02
04-35SMartin Burger and Roman Stainko Phase-Field Relaxation of Topology Optimization with Local Stress Constraints2004-12-01
04-24SUlrich Langer and David Pusch Comparison of Geometrical and Algebraic Multigrid Preconditioners for Data-Sparse Boundary Element Matrices2004-09-03
04-23SUlrich Langer, Alin Pohoata and Olaf Steinbach Application of Preconditioned Coupled FETI/BETI Solvers to 2D Magnetic Field Problems2004-09-02
04-20SRoman Stainko An Adaptive Multilevel Approach to the Minimal Compliance Problem in 3D Topology Optimization2004-09-01
04-16SFlorian Bachinger, Ulrich Langer and Joachim Schöberl Efficient Solvers for Nonlinear Time-Periodic Eddy Current Problems2004-08-02
04-15SBert Jüttler and Clemens Pechstein Monotonicity-perserving Interproximation of B-H-curves2004-08-01
04-12SMarkus Wabro AMGe - Coarsening Strategies and Application to the Oseen-Equations2004-06-01
04-1SFlorian Bachinger, Ulrich Langer and Joachim Schöberl Numerical Analysis of Nonlinear Multiharmonic Eddy Current Problems2004-01-01