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2017-08NHelmut Gfrerer Linearized M-Stationarity Conditions for General Optimization Problems2017-12-15
2017-07NMatúš Benko, Helmut Gfrerer and Jiří V. Outrata Calculus for Directional Limiting Normal Cones and Subdifferentials2017-12-13
2017-06NKatharina Rafetseder and Walter Zulehner On a New Mixed Formulation of Kirchhoff Plates on Curvilinear Polygonal Domains2017-11-28
2017-05NHelmut Gfrerer and Boris Mordukhovich Second-Order Variational Analysis of Parametric Constraint and Variational Systems2017-11-24
2017-04NJarle Sogn and Walter Zulehner Schur Complement Preconditioners for Multiple Saddle Point Problems of Block Tridiagonal Form with Application to Optimization Problems2017-07-26
2017-03NUlrich Langer, Martin Neumüller and Ioannis Toulopoulos Multipatch Space-Time Isogeometric Analysis of Parabolic Diffusion Problems2017-05-22
2017-02NClemens Hofreither A Black-Box Algorithm for Fast Matrix Assembly in Isogeometric Analysis2017-04-19
2017-01NKatharina Rafetseder and Walter Zulehner A Decomposition Result for Kirchhoff Plate Bending Problems and a New Discretization Approach2017-03-23