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2018-07NMatúš Benko, Helmut Gfrerer and Jiří V. Outrata Stability Analysis for Parameterized Variational Systems with Implicit Constraints2018-12-18
2018-06NHelmut Gfrerer and Jiří V. Outrata On the Aubin Property of Solution Maps to Parameterized Variational Systems with Implicit Constraints2018-12-11
2018-05NHelmut Gfrerer and Jane Ye New Sharp Necessary Optimality Conditions for Mathematical Programs with Equilibrium Constraints2018-12-11
2018-04NMatúš Benko, Helmut Gfrerer and Boris Mordukhovich Characterizations of Tilt-SPublications_publication Minimizers in Second-Order Cone Programming2018-09-13
2018-03NKatharina Rafetseder and Walter Zulehner A New Mixed Isogeometric Approach to Kirchhoff-Love Shells2018-03-08
2018-02NIrina Georgieva and Clemens Hofreither Greedy Low-Rank Approximation in Tucker Format of Tensors and Solutions of Tensor Linear Systems2018-03-02
2018-01NJarle Sogn and Stefan Takacs Robust Multigrid Solvers for the Biharmonic Problem in Isogeometric Analysis2018-02-01