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01-30SUlrich Langer, David Pusch and Stefan Reitzinger An Efficient Preconditioner for Boundary Element Matrices based on Algebraic Multigrid Methods2001-12-01
01-22SCraig C. Douglas, Gundolf Haase and Mohamed Iskandarani An Additive Schwarz Preconditioner for the Spectral Element2001-06-02
01-21SAlfred Anwander, Michael Kuhn, Stefan Reitzinger and Carsten Wolters A Parallel Algebraic Multigrid Solver for the Finite Element Method based Source Localization in the Human Brain2001-06-01
01-19SMartin Burger and Wolfram Mühlhuber Numerical Approximation of an SQP-type Method for Parameter Identification2001-05-04
01-18SMartin Burger and Wolfram Mühlhuber Iterative Regularization of Parameter Identification Problems by SQP Methods2001-05-03
01-17SBarbara Kaltenbacher, Manfred Kaltenbacher and Stefan Reitzinger Identification for Nonlinear B-H Curves Based on Magnetic Field Computations and Multigrid Methods for Ill-posed Problems2001-05-02
0949-2046TMichael Kuhn and Olaf Steinbach Symmetric Coupling of Finite and Boundary Elements for Exterior Magnetic Field Problems2001-05-01