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2021-10NJarle Sogn and Stefan Takacs Multigrid Solvers for Isogeometric Discretizations of the Second Biharmonic Problem2021-12-27
2021-09NJarle Sogn and Stefan Takacs Dual-Primal Isogeometric Tearing and Interconnecting Methods for the Stokes Problem2021-12-27
2021-08NRainer Schneckenleitner and Stefan Takacs Inexact IETI-DP for Conforming Isogeometric Multi-Patch Discretizations2021-10-13
2021-07NRainer Schneckenleitner and Stefan Takacs IETI-DP Methods for Discontinuous Galerkin Multi-Patch Isogeometric Analysis with T-junctions2021-09-28
2021-06NIoannis Toulopoulos A Unified Stable Space-Time Finite Element Scheme for Non-Newtonian Power Law Models2021-08-09
2021-05NHelmut Gfrerer and Jiří V. Outrata On Subspaces Contained in Generalized Derivatived and Strong Metric (Sub)regularity2021-06-14
2021-04NUlrich Langer Adaptive Space-Time Finite Element and Isogeometric Analysis2021-03-30
2021-03NRainer Schneckenleitner and Stefan Takacs IETI-DP for Conforming Multi-Patch Isogeometric Analysis in Three Dimensions2021-03-15
2021-02NRainer Schneckenleitner and Stefan Takacs Towards a IETI-DP Solver on Non-Matching Multi-Patch Domains2021-03-03
2021-01NIoannis Toulopoulos A Continuous Space-Time Finite Element Scheme for Quasilinear Parabolic Problems2021-02-25