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DatumUhrzeit OrtSerie Vortrag vonTitel
2015-12-1515:30 S2 059RS Dieter Moser A multigrid perspective on PFASST
2015-12-0413:15 BA 9912O Sven Beuchler Adaptive finite elements
2015-12-0115:30 S2 059RS Martin Halla Hardy space infinite elements for time-harmonic guided elastic waves
2015-11-2415:30 S2 059RS Thomas Wick Coupling fluid-structure interaction with phase-field fracture: modeling and simulation
2015-11-1715:30 S2 059RS Clemens Hofreither Multigrid methods for Isogeometric Analysis (IGA)
2015-11-1015:30 S2 059RS Tamás Horváth Error Estimation for Adaptive Finite Element Methods
2015-11-0315:30 S2 059RS Matúš Benko An SQP method for Mathematical Programs with Vanishing Constraints
2015-10-2817:15 HS 13JKSB Bernhard Moser Novel Research Perspectives of Weyl‘s Discrepancy Norm in Discrete Mathematics, Image and Signal Processing
2015-10-2015:30 S2 059RS Stephen Edward Moore Space-Time Isogeometric Analysis of Parabolic Evolution Problems
2015-10-1315:30 S2 059RS Dirk Pauly Non-standard partial integration: implications to Maxwell and Korn inequalities - or: How one cannot apply the closed graph theorem!
2015-09-0917:00 S3 048JKSD Evelyn Süss-Stepancik Kompetenzorientierter Computereinsatz im Mathematikunterricht der Sekundarstufe
2015-06-3015:30 S2 059RS Svetoslav Nakov The Nonlinear Poisson-Boltzmann Equation: well-posedness analysis and a posteriori error estimate
2015-06-1814:30 S2 416-1GS Jan Valdman Perfect plasticity with damage and healing at small strains, its modelling, analysis, and computer implementation
2015-06-1213:00 S2 059RS Volker Schulz A novel Steklov-Poincare type metric for optimization in shape spaces
2015-06-1210:30 S2 120PHD Wolfgang Krendl Nonstandard Sobolev Spaces for Preconditioning Mixed Methods and Optimal Control Problems
2015-06-1017:15 HS 13JKSA Manfred Borovcnik Zentrale Sätze der Wahrscheinlichkeitsrechnung und damit verbundene fundamentale Ideen
2015-06-0215:30 S2 059RS Huidong Yang Algebraic multigrid based preconditioners for fluid-structure interaction and its related sub-problems
2015-05-1915:30 S2 059RS Katharina Rafetseder A new mixed variational formulation for Kirchhoff-Love plates by interpolation
2015-05-1215:30 S2 059RS Clemens Hofreither Multigrid Methods for Isogeometric Analysis with THB-splines
2015-05-0810:15 S3 047RS Jane Ye Necessary optimality conditions for optimal control problems with equilibrium constraints
2015-04-2816:10 S2 059RS Stephen Edward Moore On Space-Time Isogeometric Analysis
2015-04-2815:30 S2 059RS Martin Neumüller On space-time formulations
2015-04-2113:45 S2 059RS Ioannis Toulopoulos Isogeometric Analysis on non-matching interface subdivisions
2015-04-1415:30 S2 059RS Angelos Mantzaflaris Low rank tensor approximation in IgA matrix generation
2015-04-0915:00 S2 416-2GS Dominik Schillinger Immersogeometric finite element methods
2015-03-2413:45 S2 059RS Christoph Hofer IsogEometric Tearing and Interconnecting (IETI)
2015-03-2013:45 S2 044RS Qingguo Hong Uniformly stable discontinuous Galerkin discretization and robust iterative solution methods for the Brinkman problem
2015-03-1214:30 K 269DJKSA Tony F. Chan Global Trends in Higher Education
2015-03-0315:30 S2 059RS Lisa Groiss Optimale Kontrollprobleme mit parabolischer Nebenbedingung
2015-01-2715:30 S2 059RS Huidong Yang Robust and efficient solvers for fluid-structure-interaction and high order finite element equations
2015-01-2309:00 S2 416-2GS Michel Bercovier Isogeometric Analysis and Schwarz non-matching overlapping additive domain decomposition methods
2015-01-2015:30 S2 059RS Thomas Wick A partition-of-unity-based variational localization of the dual-weighted residual estimator
2015-01-1315:30 S2 059RS Stefan Takacs Isogeometric Analysis: Approximation properties for B-splines with maximal smoothness
2015-01-0813:45 S3 057RS Katharina Hofer hp-FEM for distributed optimal control problems