Research Seminar

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2022-06-2816:15 S5 101RS Michael Winkler (Fast) Proximal Gradient Methods
2022-06-2815:30 S5 101RS Alessio Cesarano Space-time optimization of rotating electric machines
2022-06-1415:30 S2 054RS Josef Mergl Modelling and simulation of heat transfer across interfaces
2022-05-3115:30 S2 054RS Clemens Hofreither A Newton's method for best uniform rational approximation
2022-05-2415:30 S2 054RS Theresa Köfler Symbolic Local Fourier Analysis to determine the inf-sup stability of the Stokes equation
2022-05-1715:30 S2 054RS Vesvolod Shahskov MONA - magnetic oriented modals analysis for electric circuit
2022-05-1015:30 S2 054RS Michael Winkler Introduction to Proximal Gradient Methods
2022-04-2616:15 S2 054RS Michael Mandlmayr Semismooth* Newton Methods for Quasi-Variational inequalities and Contact Problems with friction
2022-04-2615:30 S2 054RS Nora Philippi Singular perturbation of transport problems on pipe networks
2022-04-0515:30 S2 054RS Nepomuk Krenn Finite element analysis for topological derivatives of optimization problems subject to a linear PDE constraint
2022-03-2915:30 S2 054RS Stefan Tyoler Adaptivity with isogeometric patches
2022-03-2215:30 S2 054RS Bogdan Radu Finite element mass lumping in H(curl)
2022-03-1515:30 S2 054RS Andreas Schafelner Adaptive space-time finite element methods for parabolic optimal control problems
2022-01-2515:30 ZoomRS Nora Philippi Relative energy estimates, asymptotic stability and structure preserving discretization for isentropic flow in gas networks