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2018-11-2913:00 MT 132PHD Jarle Sogn Schur complement preconditioners for multiple saddle point problems and applications
2018-11-2911:30 HF 9904RS Bjorn Fredrik Nielsen Laplacian preconditioning of elliptic PDEs: A priori estimates of all the eigenvalues
2018-11-2816:15 HS 12JKSB Angelos Mantzaflaris Isogeometric techniques for efficient numerical simulation
2018-11-2312:45 S2 416-1RS Eleni Theodosiou A Numerical Solution of the Heat Transfer Problem
2018-11-2014:30 S2 054RS Tim Haubold Symbolic evaluation of hp-FEM element matrices on simplices
2018-11-1314:30 S2 054RS Jarle Sogn Schur complement preconditioners for multiple saddle point problems and applications
2018-11-0812:45 S2 346RS Astrid Pechstein Mixed Finite Elements for large-strain electro-mechanics suitable for high aspect ratios
2018-10-3014:30 S2 054RS Martin Schwalsberger A Space-Time Parallel Multigrid Method for the Transient Eddy Current Equation
2018-10-1613:30 S2 054RS Tomáš Luber Algebraic approach to preconditioning in poroelasticity revisited
2018-10-0913:30 S2 054RS Monica Montardini Efficient preconditioning strategies in Isogeometric analysis
2018-10-0213:30 S2 054RS Svetlana Matculevich Guaranteed and computable bounds of approximation errors for the semi-discrete Biot problem
2018-07-1311:45 S2 416-2RS Giancarlo Sangalli Computationally efficient Isogeometric Analysis
2018-07-1308:30 S2 416-1PHD Katharina Rafetseder A New Approach to Mixed Methods for Kirchhoff-Love Plates and Shells
2018-07-1306:30 S2 416-1PHD Christoph Hofer Fast Multipatch Isogeometric Analysis Solvers
2018-06-2715:15 HS 12JKSD Pradeep Kumar Misra Indian Education System: An Intriguing Story
2018-06-2614:15 S2 416-1RS Katharina Rafetseder A New Approach to Mixed Methods for Kirchhoff-Love Plates and Shells
2018-06-2613:30 S2 416-1RS Christoph Hofer Fast Multipatch Isogeometric Analysis Solvers
2018-06-2108:15 S2 416-1RS Monika Wolfmayr Fast Fourier transform based direct solvers for the Helmholtz and other problems
2018-06-1913:30 S2 416-1RS Lukas Burgholzer Predictive Control for Trucks
2018-06-1213:30 S2 416-1RS Alessandro Giust The Harmonic Balance method and its application in circuit and electromagnetic problems
2018-06-0513:30 S2 416-1RS Huidong Yang A Newton-Krylov-AMG Method For An Adaptive Space-Time Finite Element Discretization Of The Allen-Cahn Equation In 3D And 4D
2018-05-2913:30 S2 416-1RS Rainer Schneckenleitner Isogeometric Analysis based Simulation and Optimization - Applications to Electrical machines
2018-05-1513:30 S2 416-1RS Tomáš Luber Algebraic preconditioning for poroelasticity
2018-04-2413:30 S2 416-1RS Armin Fohler Shape Calculus for Multi-Domain Formulation of Elliptic Problems and its Application to Electrical Machines
2018-04-1014:15 S2 416-1RS Svetlana Matculevich Space-Time Adaptive Isogeometric Analysis of Parabolic Initial-Boundary Value Problem
2018-04-1013:30 S2 416-1RS Jarle Sogn Multigrid solvers for the biharmonic problem in IgA
2018-03-2116:15 HS 13JKSB Veronika Pillwein Computational Mathematics: Symbolic Computation and Numerical Mathematics
2018-03-2015:15 S2 416-1RS Christoph Hofer Robust Parallel Solvers for discontinuous Galerkin Space-Time Isogeometric Analysis of Parabolic Evolution Problems
2018-03-2014:30 S2 416-1RS Stefan Takacs Robust solvers for Isogeometric Analysis
2018-03-0614:30 S2 416-1RS Johannes Kraus Conservative stable discretizations and parameter-robust preconditioners for three-field formulation of Biot’s consolidation model
2018-02-2310:00 S2 416-2RS Oleg Iliev Toward Exascale Computation of Uncertainty Quantification for Porous Media Flow Using Multilevel Monte Carlo
2018-02-1512:45 S2 416-1GS Sergey Repin Estimates of the distance to the set of divergence free fields and applications to analysis of incompressible viscous flow problems
2018-02-0614:30 S2 416-1RS Felix Scholz Low-rank space-time decoupled isogeometric analysis for parabolic problems with varying coefficients
2018-01-3014:30 S2 416-1RS Rainer Schneckenleitner Space-time DPG methods
2018-01-2314:30 S2 416-1RS Jarle Sogn IGA: Multigrid method for the biharmonic problem
2018-01-1614:30 S2 416-1RS Huidong Yang Algebraic multigrid methods for an adaptive space-time finite element discretization of parabolic and coupled problems
2018-01-0914:30 S2 416-1RS Martin Schwalsberger An investigation of challenges for a time-parallel method