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2016-12-1609:15 MT 327RS Thomas Wick Modeling and simulation of phase-field fracture
2016-12-1416:30 HS 13JKSB Rainer Picard On the Structure of Evolutionary Problems
2016-11-2915:15 S2 059RS Katharina Rafetseder A decomposition result for Kirchhoff plate bending problems and associated discretization approaches
2016-11-2914:30 S2 059RS Daniel Jodlbauer Robust preconditioners for fluid-structure interaction problems
2016-11-2316:15 HS 13JKSD Günter Maresch Wie kann das Raumvorstellungsvermögen gefördert werden?
2016-11-2214:30 S2 059RS Stefan Takacs A robust multigrid method for Isogeometric Analysis
2016-11-1514:30 S2 059RS Maryam Khaksar Ghalati Discontinuous Galerkin method for time-domain Maxwell’s equations in anisotropic materials
2016-11-0410:00 S2 054RS Immanuel Anjam A Posteriori Error Equalities for Very Regular Approximations of the Diffusion Equation and the Heat Equation
2016-11-0409:15 S2 054RS Svetlana Matculevich A posteriori error estimates space-time in Isogeometric Analysis of parabolic problems
2016-10-2808:15 S2 054RS Monika Wolfmayr Two-sided bounds for cost functionals of time-periodic parabolic optimal control problems
2016-06-2915:15 HS 13JKSB Christoph Koutschan Quod Erat Demonstrandum - Proofs by Computer
2016-06-2811:45 S2 416RS Kundan Kumar Iterative techniques for coupled flow and mechanics problems in porous media
2016-06-2111:45 S2 059RS Stephen Edward Moore Nonstandard Discretization Strategies In Isogeometric Analysis of Partial Differential Equations
2016-06-0711:45 S2 059RS Clemens Hofreither Robust Multigrid for Isogeometric Analysis based on Subspace Correction
2016-05-3111:45 S2 059RS Peter Gangl Sensitivity-Based Topology and Shape Optimization for Electrical Machines subject to Nonlinear Magnetostatics
2016-05-2411:45 S2 059RS Lukas Failer Optimal Control of an unsteady Fluid-Structure Interaction Problem
2016-05-0311:45 S2 059RS Walter Zulehner A new approach to mixed methods for biharmonic problems in 2D and 3D and efficient solvers for the discretized problems
2016-04-2715:15 HS 13JKSB Roswitha Hofer Construction of Low-Discrepancy Point Sets and Sequences, and the Distribution of Subsequences
2016-04-2607:30 S2 416O Frederik Graw Mathematical Immunology: Analyzing within-host infection and immune dynamics
2016-04-2513:00 S2 416O Benjamin Friedrich Computation and self-organization in cells and tissues
2016-04-2511:00 S2 416O Gernot Plank Computational Modeling of Cardiac Electro-mechano-fluidic Function
2016-04-2507:30 S2 416O Philipp Kügler Bifurcation Analysis of Early Afterdepolarizations in Cardiac Action Potentials for Drug Safety Testing
2016-04-1911:45 S2 059RS Ioannis Toulopoulos Numerical methods for power-law diffusion problems
2016-04-1211:45 S2 059RS Helmut Gfrerer On generalized differentiation and Lipschitzian properties of implicitely given multifunctions
2016-03-2214:30 S2 416-2RS Maria Korotyaeva The resolvent method for shear waves spectra calculation in 2D phononic crystals: dispersion equation, displacement and traction wave fields
2016-03-1514:30 S2 416-2RS Ludmil Zikatanov High order exponentially fitted discretizations for convection diffusion problems
2016-03-1414:30 S2 416-2RS Svetozar Margenov Large-Scale Scientific Computing: Applications and Theory
2016-03-0814:30 S2 Z74RS Svetoslav Nakov The Nonlinear Poisson-Boltzmann Equation: well-posedness analysis
2016-03-0312:45 S2 416-2RS Dirk Pauly Solenoidal and irrotational vector fields in $H^{-1}$ and related topics
2016-03-0115:30 S2 Z74RS Jarle Sogn Robust preconditioners for optimality systems using Isogeometric Analysis
2016-03-0115:00 S2 Z74RS Katharina Rafetseder A new mixed approach for discretizing Kirchhoff-Love plates
2016-03-0114:30 S2 Z74RS Christoph Hofer Dual-Primal Isogeometric Tearing and Interconnecting solvers
2016-01-2614:30 S2 059RS Steffen Weißer Reliable and efficient a posteriori error estimate for BEM-based FEM on polygonal meshes
2016-01-1914:30 S2 059RS Cristian-Silviu Radu On the Langer-Neumüller Problem of Estimating the Maximal Eigenvalue of Every Matrix in an Infinite Set