MONA - magnetic oriented modals analysis for electric circuit

Vesvolod Shahskov

May 17, 2022, 1:30 p.m. S2 054

This talk addresses one of the fundamental problems in electrical engineering - modelling and simulation of electric circuits. The modified nodal analysis (MNA) is probably the most widely used formulation in this context. In its conventional form it relies on electric node potentials and currents across inductors and voltage sources as primary unknowns. In this talk, we present an alternative model based on magnetic node potentials and charge differences across capacitors and voltage sources.

Due to its magnetic oriented viewpoint, we call the formulation magnetic oriented nodal analysis (MONA). The proposed formulation has the structure of a generalized gradient system which immediately ensures passivity in the absence of sources. As we will show, the differential-algebraic index of MONA is smaller by one in most cases which facilitates the numerical solution. Some numerical tests will be presented for illustration.