Isogeometric Analysis for Nonlinear Dynamics of Timoshenko Beams

Dr. Clemens Hofreither

Oct. 21, 2014, 1:30 p.m. S2 059

We analyze the dynamics of beams that undergo large displacements using an isogeometric discretization. As the underlying mathematical model, we assume the nonlinear Timoshenko theory for bending of beams. We obtain a nonlinear system of second order ordinary differential equations. Since periodic responses are of interest, we apply the harmonic balance method. The nonlinear algebraic system is then solved by an arc-length continuation method in frequency domain.

We present numerical experiments and give a comparison between results obtained by isogeometric analysis and a p-FEM. It is shown that IGA gives better approximations than the p-FEM using the same number of degrees of freedom.