Multiharmonic Finite Element Analysis of Parabolic Time-Periodic Simulation and Optimal Control Problems Monika Wolfmayr

April 3, 2014, 1 p.m. K 224B

In this talk, we consider the construction and analysis of efficient
and robust numerical methods for linear parabolic time-periodic
simulation and optimal control problems. The mathematical and numerical
analysis include existence and uniqueness results in a new variational
framework and full a priori and a posteriori error estimates in space
and time. The discretization of the parabolic time-periodic problems is
based on the multiharmonic finite element method, which is a very
natural approach to discretize this type of parabolic problems.
Moreover, we present new algebraic multilevel preconditioned minimal
residual methods for solving the discrete problems, which have saddle
point structure. These methods are robust and of optimal complexity,
which is impressively confirmed by theoretical as well as numerical results.