Others - Seminars that do not fit in the categories: JKS, CSC, RS or PHD

2022 (1 talk)

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2022-08-0208:00 S2 416-2O Patrick Mehlitz On the fuzzy sum rule for the regular subdifferential

2021 (2 talks)

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2021-06-2213:30 ZOOMO Michael Mandlmayr Semismooth* Newton Methods
2021-06-1513:30 ZOOMO Ludwig Mitter Dissertation colloquium: efficient local multigrid solvers for adaptive isogeometric analysis in hierarchical spline spaces

2020 (2 talks)

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2020-06-2611:00 ZOOMO Clemens Hofreither Fast algorithms for tensor product discretizations in Isogeometric Analysis and beyond
2020-06-1911:00 ZOOMO Stefan Takacs Robust multigrid solvers and related topics

2019 (2 talks)

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2019-07-2507:00 S2 053O John A. Evans Boulder Level set topology optimization using hierarchical B-splines
2019-07-2407:00 S2 053O John A. Evans Boulder Isogeometric structure-preserving discretizations using hierarchical B-splines

2017 (1 talk)

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2017-04-2810:45 S2 046O Bernd Simeon Nonsmooth Contact Dynamics for the Large-Scale Simulation of Granular Material

2016 (4 talks)

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2016-04-2607:30 S2 416O Frederik Graw Mathematical Immunology: Analyzing within-host infection and immune dynamics
2016-04-2513:00 S2 416O Benjamin Friedrich Computation and self-organization in cells and tissues
2016-04-2511:00 S2 416O Gernot Plank Computational Modeling of Cardiac Electro-mechano-fluidic Function
2016-04-2507:30 S2 416O Philipp Kügler Bifurcation Analysis of Early Afterdepolarizations in Cardiac Action Potentials for Drug Safety Testing

2015 (1 talk)

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2015-12-0412:15 BA 9912O Sven Beuchler Adaptive finite elements

2014 (2 talks)

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2014-10-0609:00 S2 416O Piotr Matus On Convergence of Difference Schemes for IBVP for Quasilinear Parabolic Equations with Generalized Solutions
2014-10-0608:15 S2 416O Petr Vabishchevich Computational algorithms for solving the coefficient inverse problem for parabolic equations

2013 (2 talks)

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2013-07-0513:30 S2 416O Thomas Dickopf Numerical methods with non-matching meshes: the where, the why, and the how
2013-02-0113:30 S2 416O Klemens Reindl A domain decomposition method for geometrically nonlinear elasticity

2012 (10 talks)

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2012-10-0208:15 S2 416O Andrew Wathen Combination Preconditioning of saddle-point systems for positive-definiteness
2012-05-0713:30 S2 054O Boris Mordukhovich Optimal Control of the Sweeping Process
2012-03-2015:30 S2 059O Huidong Yang Partitioned Solvers for the Fluid-Structure Interaction Problems with a Nearly Incompressible Elasticity Model
2012-03-2015:00 S2 059O Stefan Takacs A multigrid framework applied to an elliptic optimal control problem with reduced regularity
2012-03-2014:30 S2 059O Markus Kollmann A Robust Solver for Distributed Optimal Control for Stokes Flow
2012-02-0714:30 S2 046O Nadir Bayramov Optimization and optimal control forparabolic and hyperbolic equations:Fourier method and someregularization techniques
2012-01-3114:30 S2 046O Michael Kolmbauer The multiharmonic FEM-BEM coupling method for simulation and control of eddy current problems
2012-01-2412:45 S2 416O Stefan Kleiss IETI - Isogeometric Tearing and Interconnecting
2012-01-1714:30 S2 046O Krishan Gahalaut Multigrid analysis for isogeometric methods
2012-01-1014:30 S2 046O Huidong Yang A Class of Fluid-Structure Interaction Solvers with a Nearly Incompressible Elasticity Model

2011 (11 talks)

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2011-11-2312:45 S2 416O Marcus Sarkis Robust Paramenter Mesh-Free Preconditioner for a Boundary Control Elliptic Problem
2011-11-1514:30 S2 Z75O Monika Wolfmayr Multiharmonic Finite Element Analysis of a Time-Periodic Parabolic Optimal Control Problem
2011-11-0814:30 S2 046O Markus Kollmann A Robust Solver for Distributed Optimal Control for Stokes Flow
2011-07-2608:30 HS 12O Victorita Dolean Preconditioning techniques using algebraic tools
2011-06-2113:30 HS 14O Huidong Yang A preconditioned GMRES solver with algebraic multigrid accelerations for the uid-structure interaction problems
2011-06-0713:30 HS 14O Wolfgang Krendl Efficient Solvers for Optimal Control Problems for the Stokes Equations in the Time-Harmonic Case
2011-05-3113:30 HS 14O Olof B. Widlund Domain Decomposition Algorithms for H(curl) Problems
2011-05-0313:30 HS 14O Kristof Altmann Some results in the optimal control of electromagnetic fields
2011-04-2911:45 HF 9904O Jan Valdman Functional A Posteriori Error Estimates of Elasticity Problems with Nonlinear Boundary Conditions
2011-04-2907:00 HF 9904O Alexander Düster Numerical homogenization procedures for materials with complex micro-structure
2011-04-1214:30 HS 14O Clemens Hofreither Convergence Analysis for a Non-standard Finite Element Method on Polyhedral Meshes

2010 (7 talks)

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2010-10-0513:30 P 004O Steffen Weißer Adaptive BEM-based FEM on general polygonal meshes and a residual error estimator
2010-10-0413:00 HF 136O Tecumseh Fitch Vocal Production Mechanisms in Vertebrates: Modeling the Voice
2010-07-2611:00 HF 136O Jörg Willems A Robust Domain Decomposition Method for General Symmetric Positive Definite Operators
2010-06-1408:00 BA 9909O Marcus Sarkis Infinite-dimensional stochastic Darcy equations, finite-dimensional Petrov-Galerkin approximations and a priori error estimates
2010-02-2509:00 T 111O Wolfgang Wendland On Levi Functions
2010-02-0212:30 HF 136O Andreas Langer Domain Decomposition Methods for Local and Nonlocal Total Variation Minimization
2010-01-0809:00 HF 136O Jörg Willems An Iterative Subgrid Method for Computing Flows in Highly Porous Media

2009 (10 talks)

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2009-12-2109:30 T 041O Herbert Egger Multilevel Preconditioning for Hybrid Discontinuous Galerkin Methods
2009-12-2108:30 T 041O Sabine Zaglmayr Efficient high-order Maxwell solvers via discrete space splittings
2009-07-2712:00 KG 712O Christa Simon Numerical Solutions of Singular Eigenvalue Problems for Systems of Ordinary Differential Equations
2009-07-2408:00 BA 9912O Björn Wagner The GPU as a co-processor for volume image segmentation
2009-05-1912:30 HS 14O Karel Segeth A review of some a posteriori error estimates for adaptive
2009-05-1911:45 HS 14O Karel Segeth hp-finite element approximation of boundary layers
2009-05-0615:15 HF 9901O Ludmil Zikatanov Energy Minimizing Bases for Efficient Multiscale Modeling and Linear Solvers
2009-02-2312:00 T 111O Joachim Schöberl Divergence-free Hybrid Discontinuous Galerkin Finite Elements for Incompressible Navier Stokes Equations, Augmented Lagrangians, and Robust Preconditioners
2009-02-1812:00 HS 13O Axel Klawonn Parallel scalable FETI domain decomposition methods
2009-02-1712:00 HF 136O Herbert Egger Hybridization of Discontinuous Galerkin Finite Element Methods with Application to Convection Dominated Problems and Domain Decomposition

2008 (9 talks)

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2008-10-1711:00 HF 136O Ronald H.W. Hoppe Convergence Analysis of Adaptive Non-Standard Finite Element Methods
2008-10-1411:00 SR 2 VoestO Astrid Pechstein New mixed finite elements for elasticity
2008-10-1313:00 HF 136O Manuel Kauers Habilitationskolloquium "Symbolic Summation and Algorithmic Approaches to Positivity"
2008-10-0911:00 HF 136O Sven Beuchler Habilitationskolloqium "High order FEM-fast solvers for tensor product elements"
2008-07-1714:00 T 911O Olaf Steinbach SFB-Mini-Workshop on Computational Electromagnetics - Boundary Element Methods for Dirichlet Control Problems
2008-07-1713:00 T 911O Clemens Pechstein SFB-Mini-Workshop on Computational Electromagnetics - A rigorous analysis of a FETI method for high-contrast coefficients not resolved by the subdomain partitioning
2008-07-1712:00 T 911O Dylan Copeland SFB-Mini-Workshop on Computational Electromagnetics - Domain decomposition solvers for nonlinear multiharmonic problems
2008-07-1711:00 T 911O Markus Windisch SFB-Mini-Workshop on Computational Electromagnetics - Interface Conditions for Tearing and Intercon- necting problems for non-elliptic operators
2008-06-0313:30 T 1010O Erwin Karer On the strength of nodal dependence in AMG for problems in linear elasticity

2005 (1 talk)

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2005-04-0717:00 BA 9910O Joachim Schöberl Finite Element Maxwell Solvers: Theory and Applications

2004 (23 talks)

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2004-12-2014:30 HF 136O Gergana Bencheva Parallel Algorithms for Separation of Variables and Sparse Matrices Factorization
2004-12-2008:30 HF 136O Marco Discacciati Domain decomposition methods for the coupling of surface and groundwater flows
2004-12-1612:45 HS 13O Rudolf Scheidl 3D Wellenausbreitungsprobleme in ölhydraulischen Systemen
2004-12-0712:45 T 112O Almedin Becirovic Primal-Dual Error Estimators for High Order Finite Elements
2004-12-0612:30 HF 136O Johannes Kraus Algebraic construction of edge matrices with application to AMG
2004-11-3012:45 T 112O David Pusch Multigrid Preconditioners for Low-Rank Approximations of Boundary Element
2004-11-2312:45 T 112O Jens Breuer Fast boundary elements for the simulation of eddy currents and their heat production and cooling
2004-11-1612:45 T 112O Liu Zhenyu Structure Topology Optimization: New progress and application for MEMS design
2004-10-2911:00 HF 136O Günther Of Efficient iterative solvers for Boundary Element Tearing and Interconnecting Method
2004-09-1709:00 KG 712O Werner Koch Resonanzen in offenen Systemen
2004-08-3112:00 HF 136O René Simon Approximation elliptischer Optimalsteuerprobleme
2004-07-2111:45 T 1010O Jay Gopalakrishnan New applications of hybridization for the Dirichlet problem
2004-07-1607:00 HF 136O Klaus Johannsen Numerical Aspects of Density Driven Flow in Porous Media
2004-07-1313:30 HF 136O Andrea Toselli Domain decomposition preconditioners of Neumann-Neumann and FETI type for hp approximations on highly anisotropic meshes
2004-07-0211:00 HF 136O Andrzej Kisielewicz A new approach to permutation groups
2004-06-2813:30 HF 136O Roman Heinzle Numerische Behandlung von DAE Systemen mit Unstetigkeiten und Anwendung auf die dynamsiche Kraftwerkssimulation
2004-06-2810:45 HF 136O Shun-Yin Henry Chu Some progress on Prandtl's system
2004-05-0613:30 HF 136O Teodora Mitkova Lösbarkeit und Finite-Elemente-Approximation eines mathematischen Modells für die Strömung in Magnetfluiddichtungen
2004-04-2613:30 HF 136O Marc Dorske Non-rigid morphological registration of images
2004-04-2013:30 T 1010O Hong Gu Numerical-Symbolic Methods for Parameter-dependent Geometric Differential Equations
2004-03-3115:00 HF 136O Jozef Kacur Numerical solution of contaminant transport in dual-well flow
2004-03-0214:30 T 1010O Olaf Steinbach Zur Implementierung von Randelementmethoden
2004-02-0312:00 T 111O Sven Beuchler Extension operators on tensor product structures

2003 (22 talks)

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2003-11-1914:30 BA 9911O Arnold Reusken Parallel multilevel tetrahedral grid refinement
2003-10-2113:30 P 215O Peter Mayerhofer Walzkraftmodell für Dressiergerüste (Präsentation der Diplomarbeit)
2003-10-1413:30 P 215O Thorsten Hohage Computation of Resonances in Open Systems based on the Pole Condition
2003-10-0717:00 HF 136O Olaf Steinbach Zur Elliptizität des Einfachschichtpotentials in der zweidimensionalen linearen Elastostatik
2003-10-0713:30 P 215O Axel Klawonn A Family of Dual-Primal FETI Domain Decomposition Methods in 3D
2003-10-0711:45 T 711O Florian Bachinger Multigrid Solvers for 3D Nonlinear Multiharmonic Magnetic Field Computations
2003-09-1612:00 T 857O Daniele Boffi Old and new results on the finite element approximation of Maxwell eigenvalues
2003-06-2513:00 BA 9910O Craig C. Douglas Virtual Telemetry for Dynamic Data-Driven Application Simulations
2003-06-2313:00 T 211O Raytcho Lazarov Finite volume method for correction-diffusion problems: a priori and posteriori analysis
2003-05-2613:30 T 857O Bela Kiss On the Relational Database Type Numerical Programming
2003-05-2611:30 T 857O Jakob Auer New, highly efficient numerical techniques for solving the Kohn-Sham equations and application to structural properties of metal clusters
2003-04-2913:30 T 811O Christoph Reisinger Solving Option Pricing Problems in High Dimensions
2003-04-2911:45 T 711O Jens Markus Melenk Die randkonzentrierte Finite-Elemente-Methode
2003-04-0813:30 T 811O Philipp Frauenfelder Anisotrope h- & p-Verfeinerung für konforme FEM in 3D
2003-04-0113:30 T 811O Alexander Düster Anisotrope Finite Elemente hoher Ordnung für nichtlineare Probleme der Strukturmechanik
2003-03-3113:30 HS 11O Günther Of Fast Multipole Methods in Linear Elastostatics
2003-03-3113:30 HS 11O Olaf Steinbach Artificial Multilevel Preconditioning in Boundary Element Methods
2003-03-3108:15 T 111O Michael Hintermüller Mesh independence of semismooth Newton methods
2003-03-2014:30 T 811O Sven Beuchler Multi-level solver for the p-Version of the FEM
2003-03-1814:30 T 811O Anton Iliev Iteration Methods for Simultaneous Extraction of a Part of All Roots of Algebraic Equations
2003-03-1114:30 T 811O Almedin Becirovic Hierarchical Shape Functions Based on Explicit Extension Operators
2003-01-2314:30 T 911O Martin Brokate On uniqueness in evolution quasivariational inequalities

2002 (17 talks)

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2002-11-2016:45 HS 10O Dietman Hömberg Die Induktionshärtung von Stahl - Mathematische Modellierung und optimales Design von Induktoren
2002-11-0714:30 T 711O Mohamed Iskandarani The vertical and horizontal challenges of the spatial discretization for ocean models
2002-11-0616:00 HS 10O Johannes Kraus Multilevel Preconditioning Based on Element Agglomeration
2002-10-2914:30 T 811O Markus Wabro Gekoppelte Algebraische Mehrgittermethoden zur Lösung der Navier-Stokes Gleichungen
2002-10-2909:15 P 004O Carsten Carstensen Methoden, Schwierigkeiten und Herausforderungen in der numerischen Behandlung nichtkonvexer Minimierungsprobleme
2002-10-2511:00 T 1010O Roman Unger Projektionsmethoden für Kontaktprobleme in der Elastizitätstheorie
2002-10-2511:00 T 1010O Michael Jung Experimente mit Lösern für das erste biharmonische Randwertproblem
2002-10-2214:00 T 811O Olaf Steinbach Eine vorkonditionierte Multipol-Randelementmethode fuer das Neumann-Randwertproblem
2002-07-2508:00 T 811O Vadim Korneev Fast Domain Decomposition Solvers for hp-Finite-Element-Version
2002-07-2411:00 KG 712O Jan Valdman Multi-yield elastoplasticity: Analysis and Numerics
2002-07-1113:00 T 811O George C. Hsiao On the Two-dimensional Inverse Scattering Problems in Electromagnetics
2002-07-1113:00 T 811O Olaf Steinbach Hybride Gebietszerlegungsmethoden
2002-05-0713:30 T 1010O Stefan Kurz Wie arbeitet eine Forschungsabteilung bei Bosch?
2002-03-1914:30 T 1010O Manfred Kaltenbacher Numerische Simulation mikromechanischer elektrostatischer Sensoren und Aktoren
2002-03-1214:30 T 1010O Günther Of Die Multipolmethode für die symmetrische Randintegralformulierung
2002-01-2316:00 HS 10O Volker Mehrmann Analysis and numerical solution of over- and underdeterminated nonlinear differential-algebraic systems
2002-01-2214:30 T 811O Volker Mehrmann Structured eigenvalue methods for the computation of corner singularities in anisotropic elastic structures

2001 (16 talks)

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2001-12-1014:30 BA 9912O Olaf Steinbach Randelementmethoden für das Stokes Problem
2001-12-0414:30 T 811O Ernst P. Stephan hp Preconditioners and Adaptive Schemes for Boundary Integral Equations
2001-11-0614:30 T 811O David Horak Numerical and Parallel Scalability of Feti Algorithm for Variational Inequalities
2001-10-2315:00 T 857O Robert Scheichl Entkopplungs- und Block-Vorkonditionierungsmethoden bei der Simulation sedimentärer Becken ¹
2001-06-1111:00 BA 9912O Anna-Margarete Sändig Spannungssingularitäten in heterogenen Materialien
2001-05-2508:00 T 711O Rob Falgout New Advances in Algebraic Multigrid
2001-05-1513:30 T 857O Vadim Korneev May be solvers for the hp-version optimized? - "Optimal solver for Dirichlet problems on subdomains of decomposition in the domain decomposition method for hp-version"
2001-03-2012:45 T 711O Olaf Steinbach Schwach gekoppelte Gebietszerlegungsmethode
2001-03-1912:00 K 153CO Gundolf Haase Parallele Algorithmen für partielle Differentialgleichungen
2001-03-1909:00 BA 9911O Andreas Griewank Detecting Jacobian Sparsity Patterns by Bayesian Probing
2001-03-0612:45 T 711O Oszkar Biro Miniworkshop 'Computational Electromagnetics' - Berechnung von Wirbelstromproblemen mit Potentialfunktionen
2001-03-0612:45 T 711O Michael Kuhn Miniworkshop 'Computational Electromagnetics' - Parallel Multigrid Solvers
2001-03-0612:45 T 711O Gisela Pöplau Miniworkshop 'Computational Electromagnetics' - Mehrgitterlöser zur Verfolgung von Elektronenstrahlen in Linearcollidern
2001-03-0612:45 T 711O Ursula van Rienen Miniworkshop 'Computational Electromagnetics' - Numerische Feldberechnung mit der Methode der Finiten Integration - Lineare Gleichungssystem, Eigenwertprobleme
2001-03-0612:45 T 711O Ute Schreiber Miniworkshop 'Computational Electromagnetics' - Simulation von Wassertropfen auf Isolierstoffoberflächen bei Beanspruchung mit Wechselspannung
2001-01-1016:00 HS 10O Kurt Schlacher Mathematische Methoden für die Regelung konzentriert- und verteiltparametrischer Systeme