Group Seminar

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Vortrag vonTitel
2014-11-0613:00 S2 416-2GS Monika Wolfmayr Functional a posteriori error estimates for parabolic time-periodic problems
2014-09-1713:45 S2 416GS Thomas Wick Fracture propagation solved with a primal-dual active set phase-field technique
2014-07-3012:30 S2 416GS Martin J. Gander 50 Years of Time Parallel Time Integration
2014-07-2110:15 S2 416-2GS F. Cirak Multiresolution shape and topology optimisation of solids and shells
2014-06-2513:45 S2 054GS Andreas Schröder Error Control and Adaptivity in Mixed Finite Element Methods for Contact Problems