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DatumUhrzeit OrtSerie Vortrag vonTitel
2012-12-1815:30 S2 059RS Sergej Rjasanow Radial basis functions with applications to solid mechanics
2012-12-1813:00 S3 056PHD Clemens Hofreither A Non-standard Finite Element Method using Boundary Integral Operators
2012-12-1115:30 S2 059RS Qingguo Hong Stable Discretizations for Non-Newtonion Flow Models
2012-12-0415:30 S2 059RS Ivan Georgiev Preconditioning of discontinuous Galerkin approximations of elliptic problems with jumps in the coefficients
2012-11-1613:45 S2 416JKSB Wolfgang Wendland Elliptic potentials and boundary value problems
2012-10-3016:00 S2 059RS Krishan Gahalaut Isogeometric Methods for Elliptic Partial Differential Equations: Condition number Estimates; Fast iterative solvers
2012-10-2315:30 S2 059RS Nadir Bayramov Convection-diffusion equations with small diffusion and approaches for their solution
2012-10-1916:30 HS 3PHD Michael Kolmbauer The Multiharmonic Finite Element and Boundary Element Method for Simulation and Control of Eddy Current Problems
2012-10-1613:45 S2 059RS Valeria Simoncini Model-assisted effective large scale matrix computations
2012-10-0210:15 S2 416O Andrew Wathen Combination Preconditioning of saddle-point systems for positive-definiteness
2012-10-0115:30 S2 416RS Vadim Korneev Fast domain decomposition solvers for discrete problems with chaotically sub-domain wise variable orthotropism
2012-09-2015:30 S2 416JKSB Philipp Kügler Parameter identification problems in physiology and systems biology
2012-07-2415:30 MT 132RS Naveed Ahmed Numerical studies of Galerkin-type time discretizations applied to transient convection-diffusion-reaction equations
2012-07-0613:45 HS 9JKSB Gabriel Wittum Modelling and Simulation of Biological Systems
2012-06-1509:00 S2 416GS Olaf Steinbach Boundary element methods for variational inequalities
2012-06-1415:30 S2 416GS Lorenz John Preconditioning of optimal Dirichlet boundary control problems in energy spaces
2012-06-1317:15 HS 13JKSA Manfred Borovcnik Risiko in Gesundheitsfragen: Mehr Information und mehr Unsicherheit
2012-06-1215:30 S2 416RS Ludmil Zikatanov Efficient iterative solvers, coarse spaces and optimal preconditioning
2012-06-0515:30 S2 059RS Ivan Georgiev Semi-coarsening multilevel method for nonconforming bilinear discretizations
2012-06-0413:45 S2 416GS Dirk Pauly Functional A Posteriori Error Estimates for Maxwell Type Problems
2012-05-2215:30 S2 059RS Angelos Mantzaflaris Assembling mass and stiffness matrices for isogeometric solving
2012-05-0810:00 S2 416GS Coen Elemans Modeling birdsong production and control
2012-05-0715:30 S2 054O Boris Mordukhovich Optimal Control of the Sweeping Process
2012-03-2817:15 HS 13JKSD John O'Donoghue Recent developments in school mathematics in Ireland
2012-03-2117:15 HS 13JKSB Gunther Leobacher Path Construction, Monte Carlo Pricing and Calibration, Utility Indifference Pricing
2012-03-2016:30 S2 059O Huidong Yang Partitioned Solvers for the Fluid-Structure Interaction Problems with a Nearly Incompressible Elasticity Model
2012-03-2016:00 S2 059O Stefan Takacs A multigrid framework applied to an elliptic optimal control problem with reduced regularity
2012-03-2015:30 S2 059O Markus Kollmann A Robust Solver for Distributed Optimal Control for Stokes Flow
2012-02-0715:30 S2 046O Nadir Bayramov Optimization and optimal control forparabolic and hyperbolic equations:Fourier method and someregularization techniques
2012-01-3115:30 S2 046O Michael Kolmbauer The multiharmonic FEM-BEM coupling method for simulation and control of eddy current problems
2012-01-2413:45 S2 416O Stefan Kleiss IETI - Isogeometric Tearing and Interconnecting
2012-01-1715:30 S2 046O Krishan Gahalaut Multigrid analysis for isogeometric methods
2012-01-1015:30 S2 046O Huidong Yang A Class of Fluid-Structure Interaction Solvers with a Nearly Incompressible Elasticity Model