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DatumUhrzeit OrtSerie Vortrag vonTitel
2011-12-1910:00 S2 416PHD Erwin Karer Subspace Correction Methods for Linear Elasticity
2011-11-2915:30 S2 416GS Sergey Repin Estimates of deviations from exact solutions of some nonlinear problems in continuum mechanics
2011-11-2313:45 S2 416O Marcus Sarkis Robust Paramenter Mesh-Free Preconditioner for a Boundary Control Elliptic Problem
2011-11-1515:30 S2 Z75O Monika Wolfmayr Multiharmonic Finite Element Analysis of a Time-Periodic Parabolic Optimal Control Problem
2011-11-0815:30 S2 046O Markus Kollmann A Robust Solver for Distributed Optimal Control for Stokes Flow
2011-10-2717:15 HS 10CSC Jörn Behrens Tsunami Früh-Warnung: Mathematik und Wissenschaftliches Rechnen im Dienste der Sicherheit
2011-09-2817:15 HS 13JKSA Peter Kritzer Zahlentheoretische Methoden in der numerischen Integration
2011-09-0110:00 S2 416GS Angelos Mantzaflaris Geometric algorithms and modeling with algebraic primitives
2011-08-0510:30 HS 13JKSA Martin J. Gander Euler, Lagrange, Ritz, Galerkin, Courant, Clough: On the Road to the Finite Element Method
2011-07-2610:30 HS 12O Victorita Dolean Preconditioning techniques using algebraic tools
2011-07-0110:00 HF 136GS Tatiana Samrowski Estimates of Modeling Errors for Linear Elliptic Problems
2011-07-0109:00 HF 136GS Olaf Steinbach Variational inequalities and boundary element methods
2011-06-3016:30 HF 136GS Gerhard Unger Boundary element methods for Laplacian eigenvalue problems
2011-06-2115:30 HS 14O Huidong Yang A preconditioned GMRES solver with algebraic multigrid accelerations for the uid-structure interaction problems
2011-06-0715:30 HS 14O Wolfgang Krendl Efficient Solvers for Optimal Control Problems for the Stokes Equations in the Time-Harmonic Case
2011-05-3115:30 HS 14O Olof B. Widlund Domain Decomposition Algorithms for H(curl) Problems
2011-05-1817:15 HS 13JKSA Jaroslav Mlynek Optimization of the heat radiation intensity on a mould surface in the car industry
2011-05-1810:30 HF 136GS Olli Mali Analysis of errors caused by incomplete knowledge of material data in mathematical models of elastic media
2011-05-1117:15 HS 13JKSB Petro Yudytskiy Uniform approximation of sgn(x) by polynomials and entire functions
2011-05-1014:00 AS 50GS Clemens Pechstein Symbolic Computation: Poincare's inequality - geometric and analytic connections
2011-05-0315:30 HS 14O Kristof Altmann Some results in the optimal control of electromagnetic fields
2011-04-2913:45 HF 9904O Jan Valdman Functional A Posteriori Error Estimates of Elasticity Problems with Nonlinear Boundary Conditions
2011-04-2910:30 HF 9904PHD Peter Gruber Fast Solvers and Adaptive High-Order FEM in Elastoplasticity
2011-04-2909:00 HF 9904O Alexander Düster Numerical homogenization procedures for materials with complex micro-structure
2011-04-1216:30 HS 14O Clemens Hofreither Convergence Analysis for a Non-standard Finite Element Method on Polyhedral Meshes
2011-04-1216:00 HS 14RS Stefan Takacs Using Symbolic Methods to Analyze Convergence Properties of Multigrid Methods
2011-04-1215:30 HS 14RS Markus Kollmann A Robust Preconditioner for Distributed Optimal Control for Stokes Flow
2011-04-0515:30 HS 14RS Petra Neudorfer Modelling, numerical simulation and sensitivity analysis of a hydraulic circuit
2011-03-2916:00 HS 14RS Erwin Karer Subspace correction method for a locking-free finite element approximation of the linear elasticity equations
2011-03-2915:30 HS 14RS Maria Lymbery On the Robustness of Two-level Methods for FEM Anisotropic Elliptic Problems
2011-03-1515:30 HS 14RS Michael Kolmbauer The Multiharmonic Finite Element Method for Simulation and Control of Eddy Current Problems
2011-03-0815:30 HS 14RS Clemens Pechstein A guide to function spaces, traces, and finite elements related to Maxwell's equation
2011-02-0115:30 P 004PHD Monika Kowalska PhD Project: Multiharmonic Approach to Parabolic Initial-Boundary Value and Control Problems
2011-01-1917:15 HS 13JKSA Manfred Kronfellner x-y-(un)gelöst. Ein Streifzug durch 4000 Jahre Gleichunglösen
2011-01-1816:00 P 004RS Walter Zulehner Nonstandard Norms and Robust Estimates for Saddle Point Problems
2011-01-1815:30 P 004RS Markus Kollmann A Robust Preconditioner for Distributed Optimal Control for Stokes Flow
2011-01-1414:30 K 153CRS Zohar Yosibash Simulating the mechanical response of artery walls by high order finite elements
2011-01-1215:30 HS 11JKSB Dmitry Efrosinin Controllable Queueing and Degradation Systems. Performance and Reliability Analysis