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DatumUhrzeit OrtSerie Vortrag vonTitel
2010-12-1415:30 P 004RS Ludmil Zikatanov Energy minimizing coarse spaces with functional constraints
2010-12-1015:30 HS 13GS Krishan Gahalaut Graph theory based preconditioners in isogeometric analysis
2010-12-0715:30 P 004RS Jörg Willems Robust Additive Schwarz Preconditioners for Abstract Symmetric Positive Definite Operators
2010-11-2513:45 BA 9911RS Muhammad Yussouf Boundary element methods for Stokes Dirichlet control problems
2010-11-2315:30 P 004RS Johannes Kraus Algebraic multilevel preconditioner for the graph Laplacian based on matching of graphs
2010-11-1615:30 P 004RS Elisabeth Frank Subdomain finder for mesh generation
2010-11-1013:45 HF 136RS Martin Purrucker Fast hp-FEM-solvers for mixed problems arising from the hp-FEM-discretization of the Stokes equation
2010-11-0317:15 HS 13JKSB Klaus Schiefermayr Inequalities for the minimum deviation of Chebyshev polynomials and inverse polynomial images
2010-10-1317:15 HS 13JKSB Teimuraz Kutsia Symbolic Computation Techniques for Unranked Terms and Hedges
2010-10-1215:30 P 004RS Gerhard Unger A boundary element method for Laplacian eigenvalue problems
2010-10-0515:30 P 004O Steffen Weißer Adaptive BEM-based FEM on general polygonal meshes and a residual error estimator
2010-10-0415:00 HF 136O Tecumseh Fitch Vocal Production Mechanisms in Vertebrates: Modeling the Voice
2010-09-1410:00 MZ 003ACSC Norio Takahashi Optimal Design and Modeling of Magnetic Devices and Related Topics
2010-07-2613:00 HF 136O Jörg Willems A Robust Domain Decomposition Method for General Symmetric Positive Definite Operators
2010-06-2915:30 HS 13RS Erwin Karer Auxiliary space preconditioner for a locking-free finite element approximation of the linear elasticity equations
2010-06-1410:00 BA 9909O Marcus Sarkis Infinite-dimensional stochastic Darcy equations, finite-dimensional Petrov-Galerkin approximations and a priori error estimates
2010-05-1815:30 HF 136RS Sven Beuchler Boundary concentrated finite elements for optimal boundary control problems of elliptic PDEs
2010-04-3015:00 HS 13JKSD Astrid Brinkmann Vernetzungen im Mathematikunterricht - Graphische Darstellungen mathematischen Wissens als Unterrichtsmittel
2010-04-2715:30 HS 13RS Martin Purrucker Fast hp-FEM-solvers for the Stokes problem
2010-04-2013:45 BA 9910RS Norio Takahashi Abgesagt! Optimal Design and Modeling of Magnetic Devices and Related Topics
2010-04-1315:30 HS 13RS Naresh Chadha Adaptive mesh construction for a class of singularly perturbed differential equations
2010-03-2610:30 BA 9912PHD Huidong Yang Numerical Simulation of Fluid-Structure Interaction Problems on Hybrid Meshes with Algebraic Multigrid Methods
2010-03-2609:00 BA 9908RS Peter Bastian Generic implementation of finite element methods in the Distributed and Unified Numerics Environment (DUNE)
2010-03-2417:15 HS 13JKSA Renate Tobies Mathematik im Industrielabor. Zu den Anfängen bei Osram und Telefunken
2010-03-1615:30 HS 13RS Clemens Pechstein Weighted Poincaré inequalities and applications in domain decomposition
2010-02-2510:00 T 111O Wolfgang Wendland On Levi Functions
2010-02-0317:15 HS 11JKSA Pavel Šišma Mathematics at the Brno German Technical University
2010-02-0213:30 HF 136O Andreas Langer Domain Decomposition Methods for Local and Nonlocal Total Variation Minimization
2010-01-2616:15 P 215RS Aditya Kaushik Uniformly convergent difference schemes for singularly perturbed differential equations
2010-01-2615:30 P 215RS Krishan Gahalaut Exploiting sparsity in Jacobian computation using graph coloring
2010-01-1916:15 P 215RS Stefan Mühlböck Homotopy Methods for Nonlinear Magnetostatics
2010-01-1915:30 P 215RS Markus Kollmann Sensitivity Analysis: The Direct and Adjoint Method
2010-01-1215:30 P 215RS Michael Kolmbauer DPG for Convective Problems II
2010-01-0810:00 HF 136O Jörg Willems An Iterative Subgrid Method for Computing Flows in Highly Porous Media