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2007-12-1814:30 HF 136RS Paul Ledger Finite Elements in Electromagnetics - Subtleties in Discretisation
2007-12-1215:45 HS 9JKSA Ralf Kornhuber First steps towards the human gait
2007-10-1614:10 T 1010RS Sean Buckeridge Multigrid On A Sphere
2007-10-1613:30 T 1010RS Richard Norton Convergence analysis of planewave expansion for band gap computations in photonic crystal fibres
2007-07-2707:00 HF 136RS Michael Kuhn Challenges in Simulation and Design of Optical Systems
2007-07-1013:30 HF 136RS Martin Schanz Time Domain Boundary Element Method: Galerkin Formulation, Coupling, and Perspectives
2007-06-1313:30 HF 136RS Chokri Chniti Improved interface condition for 2D DomainDecomposition with corner
2007-05-2315:15 HS 9JKSA Harald Iro Die Eulersche Mechanik
2007-05-1513:30 HF 136RS Wolfgang Hackbusch Evaluation of convolution integrals involving locally refined hp-Functions
2007-05-0915:15 HS 9JKSA Rüdiger Thiele Leonhard Euler. Zum 300. Geburtstag eines Mathematikers, Mechanikers und Physikers
2007-04-2515:15 HS 9JKSA Michal Kokowski Copernicus, Copernican Studies and the Science War
2007-04-2512:00 HF 136RS Ivan Georgiev Iterative methods for non-conforming finite elements
2007-04-2413:30 HF 136RS Sven Beuchler Fast tensor product solvers for hp-FEM using hexahedral elements
2007-04-1808:15 HF 136RS Tino Eibner Boundary concentrated and adaptive $hp$-FEM
2007-04-1713:30 HF 136RS Nagaiah Chamakuri Adaptive Numerical Simulation of Reaction-Diffusion Systems
2007-03-2014:30 T 1010RS Veronika Pillwein Applications of Computer Algebra Methods for High Order Finite Elements
2007-02-2014:30 HF 136RS Dalibor Lukáš Optimal control, topology and shape design using multigrid and augmented Lagrangians
2007-01-3014:30 T 1010RS Satyendra K. Tomar A multilevel method for discontinuous Galerkin approximation of three-dimensional anisotropic elliptic problems
2007-01-2612:00 HF 136RS Arnd Meyer FEM for Large Deformations & Error Estimation
2007-01-2416:00 HS 9JKSA Wolfgang L. Reiter Der kulturelle Exodus 1938: Vertreibung und Emigration von NaturwissenschaftlerInnen aus Österreich
2007-01-2314:30 T 1010RS René Simon On Schwarz-type smoothers for saddle point problems with applications to PDE-constrained optimization problems
2007-01-1614:30 T 1010RS Marion Lackner Numerical Solution of Differential-Algebraic Equations with Application in the Simulation of Cooling Systems
2007-01-1114:00 HF 136RS Uzzal Binit Bala Hybrid Numerical Simulation of Electrostatic Force Microscopes Considering Charge Distribution
2007-01-0914:30 T 1010RS Astrid Pechstein Tangential Continuous Displacement and Normal-Normal Continuous Stress Mixed Finite Elements for Linear Elasticity