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2019-12-1714:30 S2 054RS Ludwig Mitter Local Multigrid Methods in Adaptive Isogeometric Analysis with(T)HB-splines
2019-12-0314:30 S2 054RS Bernhard Endtmayer Efficiency and reliability for the DWR method
2019-11-2614:30 S2 054RS Stefan Takacs Towards a p-robust convergence analysis for Isogeometric Tearing and Interconnecting (IETI) methods
2019-11-2112:45 S2 416-1RS Marco Zank Parabolic and Hyperbolic PDEs: Space-Time Variational Formulations and Their Discretisations
2019-11-1214:30 S2 054RS Huidong Yang Space-time finite element methods for parabolic optimal control problems
2019-11-0514:30 S2 054RS Michael Mandlmayr Semismooth* Newton Methods
2019-10-2213:30 S2 054RS Andreas Schafelner Adaptive Space-Time CFOSLS for Evolution Equations
2019-10-0813:30 S2 054RS Svetoslav Nakov FEM discretization and a-priori error estimates for power-law diffusion problems
2019-06-2513:30 S2 416-1RS Ludwig Mitter Optimal subspace correction methods for THB-splines
2019-06-1811:45 S2 416-1RS Rainer Schneckenleitner IETI-DP Solvers in Simulation and Optimization of Electrical Machines
2019-06-0414:30 S2 416-1RS Andreas Schafelner Space-Time Finite Element Methods for Parabolic Initial-Boundary Value Problems with Non-smooth Solutions
2019-06-0414:00 S2 416-1RS Daniel Jodlbauer Matrix-Free Multigrid for Phase-Field Fracture Problems
2019-06-0413:30 S2 416-1RS Bernhard Endtmayer Multigoal-oriened error control for optimal control problems
2019-05-2813:30 S2 416-1RS Clemens Hofreither A Unified View of Some Numerical Methods for Fractional Diffusion
2019-05-1413:30 S2 416-1RS Walter Zulehner On the construction of mixed formulations of elliptic problems
2019-05-0713:30 S2 416-1RS Svetoslav Nakov The Poisson-Boltzmann Equation: Analysis, A Posteriori Error Estimates and Applications
2019-04-3013:30 S2 416-1RS Stefan Takacs Robust multigrid methods based on non-standard approximation error estimates in Isogeometric Analysis
2019-04-0913:30 S2 416-1RS Martin Schwalsberger Practical implementation of a nodal auxiliary space correction for a spacetime-parallel method
2019-04-0213:30 S2 416-1RS Jarle Sogn Initial source recovery of the wave equation given internal boundary measurements
2019-03-2614:30 S2 416-1RS Clemens Hofreither Fast Solvers for Isogeometric Analysis based on Alternating Linear Schemes for Tucker Tensors
2019-03-1414:30 S2 416-1RS Dirk Pauly The Elasticity Complex
2019-03-0514:30 S2 416-1RS Johannes Kraus Parameter-Robust Convergence Analysis of Fixed-Stress Split Iterative Method for Multiple-Permeability Poroelasticity System
2019-02-0512:45 S2 416-2RS Sergey Repin Guaranteed error estimates for variational problems with free boundaries
2019-01-2914:30 S2 054RS Andreas Schafelner Space-Time Finite Element Solvers of Parabolic Evolution Problems with Non-smooth Solutions
2019-01-2214:30 S2 054RS Bernhard Endtmayer Multigoal-oriented error control for optimal control problems
2019-01-1514:30 S2 054RS Ludwig Mitter Local THB-Multigrid
2019-01-0814:30 S2 054RS Daniel Jodlbauer Matrix-Free Multigrid for Phase-Field Fracture Problems