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ReferenzTypAutor TitelDatum
2010-10NClemens Pechstein und Robert Scheichl Weighted Poincaré Inequalities2010-12-14
2010-09NMichael Kolmbauer und Ulrich Langer A frequency-robust solver for the time-harmonic eddy current problem2010-12-06
2010-08NClemens Hofreither $L_2$ Error Estimates for a Nonstandard Finite Element Method on Polyhedral Meshes2010-12-03
2010-07NWalter Zulehner Non-standard Norms and Robust Estimates for Saddle Point Problems2010-11-15
2010-06NHelmut Gfrerer Second Order Conditions for Metric Subregularity of Smooth Constraint Systems2010-09-20
2010-05NHelmut Gfrerer First-Order Characterizations of Metric Subregularity and Calmness of Constraint Set Mappings2010-07-05
2010-04NClemens Hofreither, Ulrich Langer und Clemens Pechstein Analysis of a Non-standard Finite Element Method Based on Boundary Integral Operators2010-06-22
2010-03NSven Beuchler, Clemens Pechstein und Daniel Wachsmuth Boundary Concentrated Finite Elements for Optimal Boundary Control Problems of Elliptic PDEs2010-06-10
2010-02NPeter Gruber Adaptive Strategies for High Order FEM in Elastoplasticity2010-03-19
OW10-10TClemens Pechstein und Robert Scheichl Weighted Poincaré Inequalities for High Contrast Coefficients2010-02-01
2010-01NJoachim Schöberl, René Simon und Walter Zulehner A Robust Multigrid Method for Elliptic Optimal Control Problems2010-01-20