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 PhD Theses Proposals

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 Ongoing PhD Theses

Michael Mandlmayr Semismooth* Newton Methods FWF Projekt P 29190 Helmut Gfrerer
Ludwig Mitter Fast Multigrid Solvers for Adaptive Discretizations in Isogeometric Analysis FWF Projekt P 33956 Clemens Hofreither

 Finished PhD Theses

2022-03 Andreas Schafelner Space-time Finite Element Methods Ulrich Langer
2021-12 Rainer Schneckenleitner Analysis and Applications of IETI-DP solvers Ulrich Langer, Stefan Takacs
2021-08 Daniel Jodlbauer Parallel Multigrid Solvers for Nonlinear Coupled Field Problems Ulrich Langer, Thomas Wick
2021-01 Bernhard Endtmayer Multi-goal oriented a posteriori error estimates for nonlinear partial differential equations Ulrich Langer, Thomas Wick
2019-07 Svetoslav Nakov The Poisson-Boltzmann Equation: Analysis, A Posteriori Error Estimates and Applications Johannes Kraus
2018-11 Jarle Sogn Schur Complement Preconditioners for Multiple Saddle Point Problems and Applications Walter Zulehner
2018-05 Katharina Rafetseder A New Approach to Mixed Methods for Kirchhoff-Love Plates and Shells Walter Zulehner
2018-04 Christoph Hofer Fast Multipatch Isogeometric Analysis Solvers Ulrich Langer
2018-02 Nadir Bayramov Stable Discretization and Robust Multilevel Methods for Convection-Diffusion Problems Johannes Kraus
2017-04 Stephen E. Moore Nonstandard Discretization Strategies In Isogeometric Analysis for Partial Differential Equations Ulrich Langer
2017-02 Matus Benko Numerical methods for disjunctive programming Helmut Gfrerer
2016-12 Peter Gangl Sensitivity-Based Topology and Shape Optimization with Application to Electrical Machines Ulrich Langer
2015-06 Wolfgang Krendl Nonstandard Sobolev Spaces for Preconditioning Mixed Methods and Optimal Control Problems Walter Zulehner
2014-02 Monika Wolfmayr Multiharmonic Finite Element Analysis of Parabolic Time-Periodic Simulation and Optimal Control Problems Ulrich Langer
2014-02 Stefan Kleiss Efficient solution strategies in isogeometric analysis Satyendra Tomar
2013-06 Krishan Gahalaut Fast iterative solvers in isogeometric analysis Satyendra Tomar
2013-03 Markus Kollmann Efficient Iterative Solvers for Saddle Point Systems arising in PDE-constrained Optimization Problems with Inequality Constraints Walter Zulehner
2012-12 Clemens Hofreither A Non-standard Finite Element Method using Boundary Integral Operators Ulrich Langer, Clemens Pechstein
2012-11 Ulrike Schwarzmair Isogeometric fluid analysis with applications in turbine design Walter Zulehner, Bert Jüttler
2012-08 Michael Kolmbauer The Multiharmonic Finite Element and Boundary Element Method for Simulation and Control of Eddy Current Problems Ulrich Langer
2012-08 Stefan Takacs All-at-once Multigrid Methods for Optimality Systems Arising from Optimal Control Problems Walter Zulehner
2011-11 Erwin Karer Subspace Correction Methods for Linear Elasticity Johannes Kraus
2011-01 Peter Gruber Fast Solvers and Adaptive High-Order FEM in Elastoplasticity Ulrich Langer
2010-01 Huidong Yang Numerical Simulation of Fluid-Structure Interaction Problems on Hybrid Meshes with Algebraic Multigrid Methods Walter Zulehner,
Ulrich Langer
2009-01 Astrid Sinwel A New Family of Mixed Finite Elements for Elasticity Joachim Schöberl
2008-12 Clemens Pechstein Finite and Boundary Element Tearing and Interconnecting Methods for Multiscale Elliptic Partial Differential Equations Ulrich Langer
2008-06 René Simon Multigrid Solvers for Saddle Point Problems in PDE-Constrained Optimization Walter Zulehner
2007-07 Sonja Reitner Optimale Steuerung von Rüst- und Produktionsprozessen Helmut Gfrerer
2007 Johanna Kienesberger Efficient Solution Algorithms for Elastoplastic Problems Ulrich Langer
2006-07 Sabine Zaglmayr High Order Finite Elements for Electromagnetic Field Computation Joachim Schöberl
2006-02 Roman Stainko Advanced Multilevel Techniques to Topology Optimization Ulrich Langer
2003-08 Markus Wabro Algebraic Multigrid Methods for the Numerical Solution of the Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations Walter Zulehner,
Ulrich Langer
2002-04 Wolfram Mühlhuber Efficient Solvers for Optimal Design Problems with PDE-constraints Ulrich Langer
2001-01 Stefan Reitzinger Algebraic Multigrid Methods for Large Scale Finite Element Equations Ulrich Langer
1999-06 Joachim Schöberl Robust Multigrid Methods for Parameter Dependent Problems Ulrich Langer
1998 Michael Kuhn Efficient Parallel Numerical Simulation of Magnetic Field Problems Ulrich Langer
1997-10 Michael Hintermüller Algorithms for Solving Nonlinear Programming Problems with Noisy Data Helmut Gfrerer


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