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DatumUhrzeit OrtSerie Vortrag vonTitel
2020-11-0315:30 S2 054RS Huidong Yang newsAlgebraic preconditioners, initial condition reconstruction, stochastic Galerkin finite element method
2020-10-2015:30 S2 054RS Michael Mandlmayr A semismooth* Newton Method for Coulomb Friction Problems
2020-10-1315:30 S2 054RS Clemens Hofreither A novel algorithm for best rational approximation with applications to fractional diffusion
2020-10-0615:30 S2 054RS Jarle Sogn Robust Preconditioning: Optimal control of the convection-diffusion equation with limited observation
2020-07-0715:30 ZOOMRS Huidong Yang Space-Time Finite Element Methods for Parabolic Optimal Control Problems
2020-07-0713:45 ZOOMRS Bernhard Endtmayer Multi-goal oriented a posteriori error estimates for nonlinear partial differential equations
2020-06-3015:30 ZOOMRS Mario Gobrial Variational Inequalities and Their Finite Element Discretization
2020-06-3013:45 ZOOMRS Gabriele Dürnberger The Timoshenko beam
2020-06-2613:00 ZOOMO Clemens Hofreither Fast algorithms for tensor product discretizations in Isogeometric Analysis and beyond
2020-06-2315:30 ZOOMRS Andreas Schafelner Numerical Studies Of Space-time Multilevel Methods
2020-06-2313:45 ZOOMRS Rainer Schneckenleitner Convergence theory for IETI-DP solvers for discontinuous Galerkin Isogeometric Analysis that is explicit in h and p
2020-06-1913:00 ZOOMO Stefan Takacs Robust multigrid solvers and related topics
2020-06-1615:30 ZOOMRS Ludwig Mitter Local multigrid solvers for adaptive isogeometric analysis in hierarchical spline spaces
2020-06-0915:30 ZOOMRS Daniel Jodlbauer Solvers for High-Order Phase-Field Fracture Simulations
2020-05-2717:15 HS 12JKSD Wilfried Herget VERSCHOBEN: Mathematik hat viele Gesichter ... angewandt, abgewandt und zugewandt
2020-03-1015:30 S2 416-1RS Rainer Schneckenleitner A Discontinuous Galerkin Dual-Primal Isogeometric Tearing and Interconnecting Method with Inexact Local Solvers
2020-03-0315:30 S2 416-1RS Fredi Tröltzsch Optimization of time delays in semilinear parabolicequations
2020-02-0410:15 S2 416-1RS Hoang Phuong Thai Constitutive Relation Error Method (CRE) for linear problems using Isogeometric Analysis
2020-01-2815:30 S2 054RS Jarle Sogn Towards spline degree independed inf-sup constants for the Stokes problem with applications to multigrid methods
2020-01-2217:15 HS 12JKSB Mario Kapl Smooth isogeometric spline spaces for multi-patch geometries
2020-01-2115:30 S2 054RS Daniel Jodlbauer Matrix-Free Solvers for Nonlinear Problems - Performance Optimizations and Implementational Details
2020-01-1415:30 S2 054RS M.P. Bruchhäuser and U. Köcher Goal-oriented space-time adaptivity and Efficient Data Structures for convection-dominated problems