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ReferenzTypAutor TitelDatum
2009-15NPeter Gruber, Johanna Kienesberger, Ulrich Langer, Joachim Schöberl und Jan Valdman Fast Solvers and A Posteriori Error Estimates in Elastoplasticity2009-12-30
2009-14NClemens Pechstein Shape-Explicit Constants for Some Boundary Integral Operators2009-12-21
2009-13NDylan Copeland, Michael Kolmbauer und Ulrich Langer Domain Decomposition Solvers for Frequency-Domain Finite Element Equations2009-12-07
2009-12NClemens Pechstein und Robert Scheichl Weighted Poincaré Inequalities and Applications in Domain Decomposition2009-11-27
2009-11NPeter Gruber, Dorothee Knees, Sergiy Nesenenko und Marita Thomas Analytical and Numerical Aspects of Time-dependent Models with Internal Variables2009-11-23
2009-10NHuidong Yang und Walter Zulehner A Newton Based Fluid-Structure Interaction Solver with Algebraic Multigrid Methods on Hybrid Meshes2009-11-16
2009-09NDylan Copeland und Ulrich Langer Domain Decomposition Solvers for Nonlinear Multiharmonic Finite Element Equations2009-11-05
2009-08NStefan Takacs und Walter Zulehner Multigrid Methods for Elliptic Optimal Control Problems with Neumann Boundary Control2009-10-14
2009-07NUlrich Langer, Huidong Yang und Walter Zulehner A Grid-enabled Solver for the Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI) Problem2009-08-06
2009-06NHelmut Gfrerer Generalized Penalty Methods for a Class of Convex Optimization Problems with Pointwise Inequality Constraints2009-07-16
2009-05NAlexsandr M. Matsokin und Sergey Nepomnyashikh Domain Decomposition Preconditioning for Well Models for Reservoir Problems2009-06-22
2009-04NClemens Pechstein und Robert Scheichl Analysis of FETI Methods for Multiscale PDEs - Part II: Interface Variation2009-04-22
2009-03NHuidong Yang und Walter Zulehner Numerical Simulation of Fluid-Stucture Interaction Problems on Hybrid Meshes with AMG2009-04-22
2009-02NClemens Hofreither, Ulrich Langer und Satyendra K. Tomar Boundary Element Simulation of Linear Water Waves in a Model Basin2009-03-23
2009-01NClemens Pechstein und Robert Scheichl Scaling Up through Domain Decomposition2009-01-26