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ReferenzTypAutor TitelDatum
2012-13NClemens Pechstein On Iterative Substructuring Methods for Multiscale Problems2012-12-19
2012-12NMarkus Eslitzbichler, Clemens Pechstein und Ronny Ramlau An $H^1$-Kaczmarz Reconstructor for Atmospheric Tomography2012-12-19
2012-11NClemens Hofreither und Clemens Pechstein A Rigorous Error Analysis of Coupled FEM-BEM Problems with Arbitrary Many Subdomains2012-12-19
2012-10NHelmut Gfrerer On Metric Pseudo-(sub)Regularity of Multifunctions and Optimality Conditions for Degenerated Mathematical Programs2012-12-12
2012-09NClemens Hofreither, Ulrich Langer und Clemens Pechstein FETI Solvers for Non-Standard Finite Element Equations Based on Boundary Integral Operators2012-11-30
2012-08NMichael Kolmbauer und Ulrich Langer Efficient Solvers for Some Classes of Time-Periodic Eddy Current Optimal Control Problems2012-11-28
2012-07NHelmut Gfrerer On Directional Metric Subregularity and Second-Order Optimality Conditions for a Class of Nonsmooth Mathematical Programs2012-08-21
2012-06NStefan Takacs und Walter Zulehner Convergence Analysis of All-at-once Multigrid Methods for Elliptic Control Problems Under Partial Elliptic Regularity2012-06-13
2012-05NVeronika Pillwein und Stefan Takacs A Multigrid Fourier Analysis of a Multigrid Method using Symbolic Computation2012-04-05
2012-04NHelmut Gfrerer On Directional Metric Regularity, Subregularity and Optimality Conditions for Nonsmooth Mathematical Programs2012-02-29
2012-03NWolfgang Krendl, Valeria Simoncini und Walter Zulehner Stability Estimates and Structural Spectral Properties of Saddle Point Problems2012-02-15
2012-02NMichael Kolmbauer und Ulrich Langer A Robust Preconditioned MinRes-Solver for Time-Periodic Eddy Current Problems2012-01-25
2012-01NMarkus Kollmann und Walter Zulehner A Robust Preconditioner for Distributed Optimal Control for Stokes Flow with Control Constraints 2012-01-12