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ReferenzTypAutor TitelDatum
06-12SUlrich Langer und Huidong Yang A Parallel Solver for the 3D Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations on the Austrian Grid2006-04-03
06-11SStefan Gerhold, Manuel Kauers und Joachim Schöberl On a Conjectured Inequality for a Sum of Legendre Polynimials2006-04-02
06-10SRoman Stainko An Optimal Solver for a KKT-System Arising from an Interior-Point Formulation of a Topology Optimization Problem2006-04-01
06-8SAlmedin Becirovic, Peter Paule, Veronika Pillwein, Axel Riese, Carsten Schneider und Joachim Schöberl Hypergeometric Summation Algorithms for High Order Finite Elements2006-03-01
06-5SPeter Gruber und Jan Valdman New Numerical Solver for Elastoplastic Problem Based on the Moreau-Yosida Theorem2006-02-01
06-1SUlrich Langer und Clemens Pechstein Coupled Finite and Boundary Element Tearing and Interconnecting Methods Applied to Nonlinear Potential Problems2006-01-01