Research Seminar

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2005-09-0512:00 HF 136RS Andrew Knyazev Locally Optimal Block Preconditioned Conjugate Gradient method
2005-09-0109:00 HF 9904RS Andrea Cangiani Stabilized FEM's and residual-free bubbles for convection diffusion problems: anisotropic meshes and adaptivity
2005-08-0112:00 HF 9904RS Michael Hintermüller Semismooth Newton Methods: Theory, Numerics, and Applications
2005-07-1411:00 HF 136RS Satyendra K. Tomar A study of discontinuous Galerkin methods for water waves simulation
2005-06-1411:45 T 1010RS Maria Rechberger Eigenvalue problems on unbounded domains
2005-05-3111:45 T 1010RS Sven Beuchler New shape functions for triangular $p$-FEM using integrated Jacobi polynomials
2005-04-2113:30 HF 136RS Alfio Borzì Space-time multigrid methods for solving unsteady optimal control problems
2005-04-1312:00 HF 136RS Martin Ludwig Fast and iterative solution techniques for PEEC modeling in automotive EMC simulation
2005-04-1113:30 HF 136RS Ronan Perrussel Compatible coarse nodal and edge elements through energy functionals
2005-03-1414:30 HF 136RS Manfred Liebmann Numerics and Visualization on Mobile Devices
2005-03-1414:30 HF 136RS Dirk Langemann Numerische Simulation der Deformation und Bewegung eines Wassertropfens im elektrischen Feld
2005-03-0212:45 HF 136RS Vera Nübel Eine $rp$-adaptive Finite-Element-Diskretisierung für physikalisch nichtlineare Probleme
2005-03-0114:30 HF 136RS Sergej Rjasanow The Boltzmann equation. Theory and Numerics