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2009-12-2109:30 T 041O Herbert Egger Multilevel Preconditioning for Hybrid Discontinuous Galerkin Methods
2009-12-2108:30 T 041O Sabine Zaglmayr Efficient high-order Maxwell solvers via discrete space splittings
2009-12-1616:15 HF 9901CSC Thomas Renger Theory of optical spectra of photosynthetic pigment-protein complexes: From structure to function
2009-12-1514:30 P 215RS Clemens Hofreither DPG for Convective Problems I
2009-12-0114:30 P 215RS Erwin Karer Auxiliary space preconditioner for almost incompressible elasticity problems
2009-11-2515:30 MT 128RS Olaf Steinbach Dirichlet Control Problems: Analysis and Numerics
2009-11-2514:30 MT 128RS Gerhard Unger Analysis of Boundary Element Methods for Eigenvalue Problems
2009-11-2414:30 P 215RS Martin Purrucker Fast hp-solvers for quadrilateral and hexahedral elements with applications to the Poisson and Stokes problem
2009-11-1714:30 P 215RS Rainer Haas Simulation of nonlinear wave propagation in circular hydraulic pipes
2009-11-1116:15 HS 9JKSB Stefan Kindermann Regularization of Inverse Problems: Development and Analysis of Problem-adapted Methods
2009-11-0416:15 HS 9JKSB Fabrizio Durante Modelling Dependence with Copulas
2009-11-0314:30 P 215RS Michael Kolmbauer A Multiharmonic Solver for Nonlinear Parabolic Problems
2009-10-2816:15 HF 9901CSC Volker Strumpen Cache Oblivious Algorithms
2009-10-2714:30 P 215RS Clemens Pechstein Explicit constants in Poincaré’s inequality, Sobolev extensions, and relations to boundary integral operators
2009-10-2712:45 T 112RS Clemens Hofreither Boundary Element based Trefftz Methods for Potential Problems
2009-07-2712:00 KG 712O Christa Simon Numerical Solutions of Singular Eigenvalue Problems for Systems of Ordinary Differential Equations
2009-07-2408:00 BA 9912O Björn Wagner The GPU as a co-processor for volume image segmentation
2009-07-0313:00 K 269DJKSB Susanne Saminger-Platz Aggregation Functions Constructions, Characterizations, and Functional Equations
2009-07-0308:00 HF 9905JKSB Johannes Kraus Algebraic multilevel methods for elliptic finite element equations
2009-06-2415:15 HS 13JKSB Markus Rosenkranz Linear Boundary Problems in Symbolic Computation
2009-06-1715:15 HS 13JKSD Franz Schlöglhofer Beispiele zu Analysis mit NSPIRE im Mathematikunterricht
2009-06-1613:30 K 034DRS Ivan Georgiev Multilevel preconditioning of 3D pure displacement elasticity problems
2009-06-0913:30 MZ 005BRS Stefan Takacs Multigrid Methods for Elliptic Optimal Control Problems with Neumann Boundary Control
2009-05-2811:45 HF 136GS Alexander Zimin Multilevel spline approximations on non-uniform grid
2009-05-2715:15 HS 13JKSD Irene Part Angewandter Mathematikunterricht in Frankreich - Darstellung eigener Erfahrungen
2009-05-2615:30 MZ 005BRS Erwin Karer Algebraic Multigrid for Problems in Linear Elasticity discretized by DG methods
2009-05-2614:15 MZ 005BRS Huidong Yang Numerical simulation of fluid-structure interaction problems on hybrid meshes with algebraic multigrid methods
2009-05-2613:45 HS 14RS Ulrike Schwarzmair Isogeometric analysis
2009-05-2017:15 HF 9901CSC Johannes Gerstmayr Computational Mechanics - Structural elements for large deformations and strongly coupled contact problems
2009-05-1916:15 K 034DRS Monika Kowalska A black box method for shape optimization
2009-05-1913:30 K 034DRS Elisabeth Frank Shape optimization with shape derivatives
2009-05-1912:30 HS 14O Karel Segeth A review of some a posteriori error estimates for adaptive
2009-05-1911:45 HS 14O Karel Segeth hp-finite element approximation of boundary layers
2009-05-1315:15 HS 13JKSD Fritz Tinhof Die Regression als Werkzeug in der angewandten Mathematik
2009-05-1211:45 HS 14RS Helmut Gfrerer Generalized penalty methods for convex optimization problems with pointwise inequality constraints
2009-05-0615:15 HF 9901O Ludmil Zikatanov Energy Minimizing Bases for Efficient Multiscale Modeling and Linear Solvers
2009-05-0613:30 HF 136GS Blanca Ayuso Discontinuous Galerkin methods for the Vlasov-Poisson System
2009-05-0513:30 HF 136RS Daniel Wachsmuth Error estimates for finite element approximation of optimal control problems
2009-04-2915:15 HS 13JKSD Manfred Borovcnik "Anwendungen" und Anwendungen - Chancen für den Unterricht in Stochastik
2009-04-2915:15 HF 9901CSC Josef Hochreiter Computational Biology - Machine Learning Approaches to Biology
2009-04-2813:30 MZ 005BRS Martin Purrucker Fast hp-solvers for quadrilateral and hexahedral elements
2009-04-2213:30 T 212RS Michael Kolmbauer A preconditioned GMRes method for non-SPD problems
2009-04-2113:30 K 223BRS Markus Windisch A BETI approach for the Helmholtz problem
2009-04-2111:45 HS 14RS Peter Gruber Adaptive Strategies for hp-FEM in Elastoplasticity
2009-03-3113:30 K 001ARS Sergey Nepomnyashikh Domain Decomposition Methods for Parabolic Problems with Jumps in the Coefficients
2009-03-3111:45 HS 14RS Massimo Fornasier Introduction to TV Minimization III
2009-03-2516:15 HS 13JKSD Thomas Schiller GPS-Beispiele im Mathematikunterricht
2009-03-2516:15 HF 9901CSC Sylvia Frühwirth-Schnatter Computational Statistics - How to make complex data analysis feasible
2009-03-2414:30 K 034DRS Massimo Fornasier Introduction to TV Minimization II
2009-03-2412:45 HS 14RS Massimo Fornasier Introduction to TV Minimization I
2009-03-1816:15 HS 13JKSA Alexander Martin Diskrete Mathematik diskret in der Praxis
2009-03-1116:15 HS 11JKSD Karl Josef Fuchs Mathematik- / Informatikdidaktik - Betrachtungen über den gemeinsamen Weg zweier Wissenschaften
2009-03-1116:15 HF 9901JKSB Johannes Kraus Algebraic multilevel iteration methods for solving elliptic finite element equations
2009-03-0416:15 HF 9901CSC Peter Paule Computational Mathematics - Recent Developments from a Symbolic Point of View
2009-02-2314:00 HF 136PHD Astrid Pechstein A New Family of Mixed Finite Elements for Elasticity
2009-02-2312:00 T 111O Joachim Schöberl Divergence-free Hybrid Discontinuous Galerkin Finite Elements for Incompressible Navier Stokes Equations, Augmented Lagrangians, and Robust Preconditioners
2009-02-1813:30 HF 136PHD Clemens Pechstein Finite and Boundary Element Tearing and Interconnecting Methods for Multiscale Elliptic Partial Differential Equations
2009-02-1812:00 HS 13O Axel Klawonn Parallel scalable FETI domain decomposition methods
2009-02-1712:00 HF 136O Herbert Egger Hybridization of Discontinuous Galerkin Finite Element Methods with Application to Convection Dominated Problems and Domain Decomposition
2009-01-2816:15 HS 13JKSD Andreas Lindner Der Einsatz von GeoGebra im Mathematikunterricht
2009-01-2116:15 HS 13JKSD Ekkehard Winter Das Jahr der Mathematik in Deutschland
2009-01-2015:00 MZ 005ARS Astrid Pechstein A New Family of Mixed Finite Elements for Elasticity
2009-01-2014:30 MZ 005ARS Clemens Pechstein Finite and Boundary Element Tearing and Interconnecting Methods for Multiscale Elliptic Partial Differential Equations
2009-01-1416:15 HS 13JKSD Hans-Stefan Siller Modellbilden - eine motivierende mathematische Tätigkeit?
2009-01-1415:00 HS 3CSC Gerhard Widmer Sound and Music Computing