Algebraic multilevel preconditioning in $H(\Omega,\mathrm{curl})$

Dr. Satyendra K. Tomar

Jan. 29, 2013, 2:30 p.m. S2 059

An algebraic multilevel iteration method for solving system of linear algebraic equations arising in $H(\Omega,\mathrm{curl})$ space will be presented. The algorithm is developed for the discrete problem obtained by using the space of lowest order edge elements. The theoretical analysis of the method is based only on some algebraic sequences and generalized eigenvalues of local (element-wise) problems. Explicit recursion formulae will be presented to compute the element matrices and the constant $\gamma$ (which measures the quality of the space splitting) at any given level. It will be proved that the proposed method is robust with respect to the problem parameters, and is of optimal order complexity. Supporting numerical results, including the case when the parameters have jumps, will also be presented.