Johannes Kepler Symposium on Mathematics

As part of the Johannes Kepler symposium on mathematics Prof. Dr. Nickolas Sapidis, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Western Macedonia, will give a public talk (followed by a discussion) on Wed, Dec. 5, 2001 at 16:00 o'clock at BA 9910 on the topic of "Design Constraints in Solid Modelling" . The organziers of the symposium,

O.Univ.-Prof. Dr. Ulrich Langer,
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Gerhard Larcher
A.Univ.-Prof. Dr. Jürgen Maaß, and
die ÖMG (Österreichische Mathematische Gesellschaft),

hereby cordially invite you.

Series A - General Colloquium:

The intention is to present general information not only to experts, but also to students and guests from outside the mathematical institutes.

Design Constraints in Solid Modelling

The topic of this research is design of complex arrangements of mechanical / electrical / electronic systems, and the focus is on the related "design constraints". These often deal with volumes, i.e., parts of the available space, a fact that is ignored by most of the current solution methods. A detailed analysis of these volumes is presented and appropriate geometric modeling techniques are derived. An "extended product model" is presented, accommodating also nongeometric properties of these volumes. Finally, a complete implementation in the AutoCAD environment is presented and examples are discussed.

Joint work with: G. Theodosiou, National Technical University of Athens Dept. Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering