Johannes Kepler Symposium on Mathematics

As part of the Johannes Kepler symposium on mathematics Univ.-Prof. Dr. Otmar Scherzer, Computational Science Center, University Vienna, will give a public talk (followed by a discussion) on Wed, May 14, 2008 at 15:15 o'clock at HS 9 on the topic of "Mathematical Methods in Imaging" . The organziers of the symposium,

O.Univ.-Prof. Dr. Ulrich Langer,
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Gerhard Larcher
A.Univ.-Prof. Dr. Jürgen Maaß, and
die ÖMG (Österreichische Mathematische Gesellschaft),

hereby cordially invite you.

Series A - General Colloquium:

The intention is to present general information not only to experts, but also to students and guests from outside the mathematical institutes.

Mathematical Methods in Imaging

Imaging is an interdisciplinary area of science with profund applications in biological imaging. We give an overview on several imaging techniques such as denoising, tomography, hybrid imaging, and ground penetrating radar. Behind all these problems there are basic geometrical models, which are highlighted.

It is also worthwhile to mention that the mathematics in mathematical imaging has a very long tradition in Austria, to name of course Johann Radon and Paul Funk. Actually Funk is most probably the first who should be associated with thermoacoustic tomography (hybrid imaging), a field which our group is very interested in.

Moreover, we present some universal method for the numerical solution of imaging problems.