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2003-11-1914:30 BA 9911O Arnold Reusken Parallel multilevel tetrahedral grid refinement
2003-10-2113:30 P 215O Peter Mayerhofer Walzkraftmodell für Dressiergerüste (Präsentation der Diplomarbeit)
2003-10-1413:30 P 215O Thorsten Hohage Computation of Resonances in Open Systems based on the Pole Condition
2003-10-0717:00 HF 136O Olaf Steinbach Zur Elliptizität des Einfachschichtpotentials in der zweidimensionalen linearen Elastostatik
2003-10-0713:30 P 215O Axel Klawonn A Family of Dual-Primal FETI Domain Decomposition Methods in 3D
2003-10-0711:45 T 711O Florian Bachinger Multigrid Solvers for 3D Nonlinear Multiharmonic Magnetic Field Computations
2003-09-1612:00 T 857O Daniele Boffi Old and new results on the finite element approximation of Maxwell eigenvalues
2003-06-2513:00 BA 9910O Craig C. Douglas Virtual Telemetry for Dynamic Data-Driven Application Simulations
2003-06-2313:00 T 211O Raytcho Lazarov Finite volume method for correction-diffusion problems: a priori and posteriori analysis
2003-05-2613:30 T 857O Bela Kiss On the Relational Database Type Numerical Programming
2003-05-2611:30 T 857O Jakob Auer New, highly efficient numerical techniques for solving the Kohn-Sham equations and application to structural properties of metal clusters
2003-04-2913:30 T 811O Christoph Reisinger Solving Option Pricing Problems in High Dimensions
2003-04-2911:45 T 711O Jens Markus Melenk Die randkonzentrierte Finite-Elemente-Methode
2003-04-0813:30 T 811O Philipp Frauenfelder Anisotrope h- & p-Verfeinerung für konforme FEM in 3D
2003-04-0113:30 T 811O Alexander Düster Anisotrope Finite Elemente hoher Ordnung für nichtlineare Probleme der Strukturmechanik
2003-03-3113:30 HS 11O Günther Of Fast Multipole Methods in Linear Elastostatics
2003-03-3113:30 HS 11O Olaf Steinbach Artificial Multilevel Preconditioning in Boundary Element Methods
2003-03-3108:15 T 111O Michael Hintermüller Mesh independence of semismooth Newton methods
2003-03-2014:30 T 811O Sven Beuchler Multi-level solver for the p-Version of the FEM
2003-03-1814:30 T 811O Anton Iliev Iteration Methods for Simultaneous Extraction of a Part of All Roots of Algebraic Equations
2003-03-1114:30 T 811O Almedin Becirovic Hierarchical Shape Functions Based on Explicit Extension Operators
2003-01-2314:30 T 911O Martin Brokate On uniqueness in evolution quasivariational inequalities