Technical Reports

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97-4TJoachim Schöberl Programmbeschreibung NAOMI 2D und Algebraic Multigrid1997-09-01
97-3TFerdinand Kickinger, Sergey Nepomnyashikh, Ralf Pfau and Joachim Schöberl Numerical Estimates of Inequalities in $H^{\frac{1}{2}}$1997-07-31
97-2TJoachim Schöberl Robust Multigrid Preconditioning for Parameter Dependent Problems I: The Stokes-type Case1997-06-01
97-1TBodo Heise, Michael Kuhn and Ulrich Langer A Mixed Variational Formulation for 3D Magnetostatics in the Space $H(rot) \cap H(div)$1997-02-01