Ongoing PhD Theses

last update: 2020-07-03
Bernhard Endtmayer Adaptive Phase-Field Fracture Finite Element Methods FWF Projekt P 29181 Ulrich Langer, Thomas Wick
Armin Fohler Adaptive DG Simulation and Sensitivity Analysis of Parameter Variations in Electrical Machines ACCM Walter Zulehner
(and Wolfgang Amrhein, Ulrich Langer)
Daniel Jodlbauer Phase-Field Fracture Simulation and Optimization FWF Projekt P 29181 Ulrich Langer, Thomas Wick
Ludwig Mitter Fast Multigrid Solvers for Adaptive Discretizations in Isogeometric Analysis LIT-2016-2-YOU-006 Clemens Hofreither
Andreas Schafelner Space-time Finite Element Methods DK W1214 Ulrich Langer
Rainer Schneckenleitner Isogeometric Analysis based Simulation and Optimization in Electrical Engineering NFN S117 Ulrich Langer, Stefan Takacs


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