Papers, Proceedings, Technical Reports 2001

  1. S. Reitzinger, Algebraic Multigrid Methods for Large Scale Finite Element Equations, Reihe C - Technik und Naturwissenschaften 36, Universitätsverlag Rudolf Trauner, 2001.
  2. U. Langer, D. Pusch, S. Reitzinger, An Efficient Preconditioner for Boundary Element Matrices based on Algebraic Multigrid Methods, SFB-Report 01-30, University of Linz, 2001.
  3. G. Haase, U. Langer, S. Reitzinger, J. Schöberl, Algebraic Multigrid Methods based on Element Preconditioning, Int. Journal of Computer Mathematics Vol 78, no 4, pp.575 - 598, 2001.
  4. M. Kaltenbacher, S. Reitzinger, M. Schinnerl, J. Schöberl, H. Landes, Multigrid Methods for the Computation of 3D Electromagnetic Field Problems, Proceedings of the IGTE 2000, COMPEL 20, 2001.

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