Parallel and Element Based
    grey Box Linear Equation Solver

    PEBBLES is an Algebraic Multigrid package for solving large, (sparse, symmetric) positive definite linear equations which arise in a Finite Element (Finite Difference, Finite Integration Technique) discretization of elliptic partial differential equations of second order. The interface to a Finite Element program is based on the element stiffness matrices or the matrix itself. PEBBLES is written in C++ and is supplied with an C++, C and an F77 interface (an F90 interface is also possible).

    PEBBLES is a research code where especially the following items are realized:

  1. element preconditioning
  2. different interpolation schemes
  3. different coarsening strategies
  4. several Krylov subspace methods (PCG, QMR, BiCGCR, ...)
  5. ...
    The full version of PEBBLES   is able to solve the following problems:
  1. positive definite matrices arising from a scalar elliptic equation of second order (nodal FE-functions)
  2. positive definite matrices arising from a system of elliptic equations of second order (nodal FE-functions)
  3. positive definite matrices which are (moderate) non-symmetric
  4. a sequence of spectrally equivalent matrices, which typically arise in a time-dependent or non-linear calculation
  5. FE-discretization with edge FE-function
  6. potential type equations in parallel
  7. techniques for multiple right-hand sides

   Performance of PEBBLES

   Some different numerical studies are presented for

  1. Potential Equation
  2. Maxwell Equation
  3. Parallel Computations

    How to get a version of PEBBLES ?

    In order to get a version of PEBBLES you have to fill in two license agreements ps / pdf and send it to the following address

O.Univ.Prof. Dr. Ulrich Langer
Institute of Computational Mathematics
University of Linz
Altenbergerstr. 69

or send a fax to

++43 70 2468 9148

As soon as we get the two license agreements , we will send the source code and the second license agreement to you. Please make sure to put the right e-mail address and the computer platform (we support SGI, SUN and LINUX) you are working on, on the license agreement. An User's Guide for PEBBLES is available.

last updated  on 20.10.2003
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