NuMa Reports

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Autor TitelDatum
2011-10NMarkus Kollmann, Michael Kolmbauer, Ulrich Langer, Monika Wolfmayr und Walter Zulehner A Finite Element Solver for a Multiharmonic Parabolic Optimal Control Problem2011-12-06
2011-09NMichael Kolmbauer Efficient Solvers for Multiharmonic Eddy Current Optimal Control Problems with Various Constraints2011-11-28
2011-08NMichael Kolmbauer A Robust FEM-BEM MinRes Solver for Distributed Multiharmonic Eddy Current Optimal Control Problems in Unbounded Domains2011-11-11
2011-07NVictorita Dolean, Patrice Hauret, Frédérik Nataf, Clemens Pechstein, Robert Scheichl und Nicole Spillane Abstract Robust Coarse Spaces for Systems of PDEs via Generalized Eigenproblems in the Overlaps2011-11-02
2011-06NMarkus Kollmann und Michael Kolmbauer A Preconditioned MinRes Solver forTime-Periodic Parabolic Optimal ControlProblems2011-08-04
2011-05NMichael Kolmbauer und Ulrich Langer A Robust FEM-BEM Solver for Time-Harmonic Eddy Current Problems2011-05-17
2011-04NMichael Kolmbauer und Ulrich Langer A Robust Preconditioned-MinRes-Solver for Distributed Time-Periodic Eddy Current Optimal Control2011-05-16
2011-03NMichael Kolmbauer Existence and Uniqueness of Eddy Current Problems in Bounded and Unbounded Domains2011-05-16
2011-02NStefan Takacs und Walter Zulehner Convergence Analysis of Multigrid Methods with Collective PointSmoothers for Optimal Control Problems2011-02-02
2011-01NHuidong Yang und Walter Zulehner Numerical Simulation of Fluid-Structure Interaction Problems on Hybrid Meshes with Algebraic Multigrid Methods2011-02-02