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2020-12-07 - 2020-12-11DD 26 Hong Kong 26th International Domain Decomposition Conference Langer, Schafelner, Takacs, Yang
2020-10-18 - 2020-10-21IGA 2020 Banff (Canada) Conference on Isogeometric Analysis
2020-09-28 - 2020-10-02AANMPDE13 Pitsidia (Crete, Greece) 13th Workshop on Analysis and Advanced Numerical Methodsfor Partial Differential Equations Langer, Zulehner
2020-07-13 - 2020-07-17CMAM-9 Vienna (Austria) Computational Methods in Applied Mathematics Endtmayer, Hofreither, Jodlbauer, Langer, Schafelner, Takacs
2020-07-06 - 2020-07-10ICOSAHOM 2020 Vienna (Austria) International Conference on Spectral and High Order Methods Schafelner
2020-06-08 - 2020-06-12PinT 2020 Houghton (Michigan, USA) 9th Workshop on Parallel-in-Time Integration Langer
2020-06-08 - 2020-06-13NSFDE&A’20 Sozopol (Bulgaria) Workshop on Numerical Solution of Fractional Differential Equations and Applications Hofreither
2020-05-06 - 2020-05-08AnaDay2020 Linz (Austria) Austrian Numerical Analysis Day 2020 All
2020-03-30 - 2020-04-02IGAA 2020 Strobl (Austria) 4th Conference on Isogeometric Analysis and Applications Hofreither, Langer, Mitter, Schneckenleitner, Sogn, Takacs, Zulehner
2020-03-16 - 2020-03-20GAMM 2020 Kassel (Germany) 91st GAMM Annual Meeting
2020-02-19 - 2020-02-21AHPC2020 IST in Klosterneuburg (Austria) Austrian High-Performance Computing Meeting Jodlbauer, Schafelner