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2008-10-20 - 2008-10-24 EMG 2008Ruland's Thermenhotel in Bad Herrenalb (Germany) 9th European MultiGrid Conference EMG 2008 S. Beuchler, E. Karer, J. Kraus, U. Langer, W. Zulehner
2008-10-02 - 2008-10-05 FastBem 2008Söllerhaus, Hirschegg, Kleinwalsertal (Austria) 6th Soellerhaus Workshop on Fast Boundary Element Methods in Industrial Applications W. Elleithy, U. Langer
2008-09-28 - 2008-10-03SCEE 2008 Helsinki University of Technology (Finland) 7th International Conference on Scientific Computing in Electrical Engineering U. Langer, C. Pechstein
2008-09-22 - 2008-09-24 FEM-SymposiumMercure Hotel Kongress Chemnitz, Chemnitz (Germany) 21st Chemnitz FEM Symposium 2008 S. Beuchler, C. Pechstein, A. Sinwel
2008-09-19 - 2008-09-20 Symposium (DD 18,5)Courant Institute, New York University, New York City (USA) Fast Algorithms for Scientific Computing. A Symposium in Honor of Olof B. Widlund on the Occasion of His 70th Birthday U. Langer
2008-08-15 - 2008-08-16Workshop University of Jyväskylä (Finland) International Workshop on Reliable Modelling and Scientific Computing S. Tomar
2008-07-24 - 2008-07-26SNSC 2008 Hagenberg (Austria) 4th International Conference on Symbolic and Numerical Scientific Computing all
2008-07-14 - 2008-07-24LMS-Symposium Durham (UK) London Mathematical Society Durham Symposium on Computational Linear Algebra for Partial Differential Equations W. Zulehner
2008-07-07 - 2008-07-09BEM/MRM 30 Maribor (Slovenia) 30th International Conference on Boundary Elements and Other Mesh Reduction Methods W. Elleithy
2008-07-19 - 2008-07-06Intensive Programme University of L'Aquila (Italy) The First Intensive Programme on "Mathematical Models in Life and Social Sciences"
2008-06-30 - 2008-07-04ECCOMAS 2008 & WCCM8 Venice (Italy) 5th European Congress on Computational Methods in Applied Sciences and Engineering &
8th World Congress on Computational Mechanics
W. Elleithy
2008-06-30 - 2008-07-04ECMI 2008 University College London (England) 15th European Conference on Mathematics for Industry
2008-06-20 - 2008-06-22PMAA 2008 Neuchatel (Switzerland) 5th International Workshop on Parallel Matrix Algorithms and Applications E. Karer, J. Kraus, S. Tomar, H. Yang
2008-05-30 - 2008-05-31EFEF 2008 Göteborg University (Sweden) European Finite Element Fair 2008 C. Pechstein
2008-05-26 - 2008-05-29BEM on the Saar 2008 Saarland University, Saarbrücken (Germany) Workshop: BEM/FEM Techniques for Time Dependent and Time Harmonic Problems C. Pechstein
2008-05-19 - 2008-05-23Workshop Oberwolfach, MFO (Germany) Oberwolfach Workshop U. Langer
2008-04-24 - 2008-04-25ANAD 2008 Linz (Austria) 4th Austrian Numerical Analysis Day all
2008-04-14 - 2008-04-16Workshop Oberwolfach, MFO (Germany) Oberwolfach Workshop on Boundary Element Methods U. Langer
2008-03-31 - 2008-04-04GAMM University of Bremen (Germany) 79th Annual Meeting of the International Association of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics (GAMM) S. Beuchler
2008-03-27 - 2008-03-29Workshop Hamburg (Germany) Workshop on PDE Constrained Optimization - recent challenges and future developments W. Zulehner
2008-01-12 - 2008-01-17DD18 Jerusalem (Israel) 18th International Conference on Domain Decomposition Methods U. Langer, W. Zulehner