Computational Science Colloquium

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2009-12-1617:15 HF 9901CSC Thomas Renger Theory of optical spectra of photosynthetic pigment-protein complexes: From structure to function
2009-10-2817:15 HF 9901CSC Volker Strumpen Cache Oblivious Algorithms
2009-05-2019:15 HF 9901CSC Johannes Gerstmayr Computational Mechanics - Structural elements for large deformations and strongly coupled contact problems
2009-04-2917:15 HF 9901CSC Josef Hochreiter Computational Biology - Machine Learning Approaches to Biology
2009-03-2517:15 HF 9901CSC Sylvia Fr├╝hwirth-Schnatter Computational Statistics - How to make complex data analysis feasible
2009-03-0417:15 HF 9901CSC Peter Paule Computational Mathematics - Recent Developments from a Symbolic Point of View
2009-01-1416:00 HS 3CSC Gerhard Widmer Sound and Music Computing