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2019-05NClemens Hofreither, Ludwig Mitter and Hendrik Speleers Local multigrid solvers for adaptive Isogeometric Analysis in hierarchical spline spaces2019-12-20
2019-04NRainer Schneckenleitner and Stefan Takacs Condition number bounds for IETI-DP methods that are explicit in $h$ and $p$2019-12-17
2019-03NMatúš Benko On Inner Calmness*, Generalized Calculus, and Derivatives of the Normal-cone Map2019-10-29
2019-02NMatúš Benko, Tim Hoheisel and Michal Červinka New Verifiable Sufficient Conditions for Metric Subregularity of Constraint Systems with Applications to Disjunctive Programs2019-06-21
2019-01NHelmut Gfrerer and Jiří V. Outrata On a Semismooth* Newton Method for Solving Generalized Equations2019-04-23