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510IGundolf Haase An Incomplete Factorization Preconditioner Based on a Non-Overlapping Domain Decomposition Data Distribution1996-12-10
NM79/3-321ICarsten Carstensen, Michael Kuhn and Ulrich Langer Fast Parallel Solvers for Symmetric Boundary Element Domain Decomposition Equations1996-08-28
C60/4-323IJoachim Schöberl Solving the Signorini Problem on the Basis of Domain Decomposition Techniques1996-08-21
DD9-42IGundolf Haase Mutlilevel Extension Techniques in Domain Decomposition Preconditioners1996-06-03
ANM23p327IGundolf Haase Hierarchical Extension Operators plus Smoothing in Domain Decomposition Preconditioners1996-05-01